Heat wave!

It’s a whole 17 degrees outside and the sun is shining!  Heat wave going on!  Okay, well relatively speaking it is and that meant it was actually warm enough for me to venture out to the grocery store this afternoon.  Eating healthier is a good thing but it means I have to go to the grocery store much more often and I soooo do not like grocery shopping.  But the fridge is restocked, there’s a little pork loin that I found hidden in the back of the freezer yesterday that will be going in the oven shortly, a load or two of laundry has been done, finished off the pattern for Hoffman California Fabrics and emailed that off to them and then did my taxes and efiled them.  Whew! a busy day so far.

But I shall be anxiously awaiting those tax refunds because there is a new box spring and mattress first and foremost in my immediate future.  Mine has turned into a hammock.  I knew it was time to replace it but didn’t realize how bad it was until I was at my parents and slept on a good mattress.  Yep – it definitely needs replacing soon.  And after that I’ll be replacing my living room sofa and chair which also have a major case of the saggy uncomfortableness too and we won’t even mention that the big ottoman is more U shaped than flat across the top.   Hmmm I don’t much like furniture shopping either but I will just have to deal with that after the bed is done. I tried to convince them at work that I really needed to bring one of the new chairs we have in our office lobby home to my house but that plan just didn’t work!

For the rest of the afternoon – despite the fact that things could use a bit of straightening and vacuuming around here – I think I’ll just be sitting and knitting.  My sweater front is done and I have the cast-on row done for the first sleeve but think I will knit both sleeves at one time so need to go find another hank of that yarn to get it wound so I can cast on the other one.

And, the my second Dog Pound block

weaver which is this pattern design, I want to get cut out this afternoon.  These are the fabrics for the dog and his ear (they are a little darker rust than the photo shows) but I need to decide about the collar yet.


3 comments on “Heat wave!

  1. Read with interest the temperature in your part of the world. It was 40 degrees C in my kitchen yesterday, so some cold weather would be lovely. I’ve done my two blocks and when I work out where and how to post photos will do so. Worst scenario I’ll just put them on my Facebook page.

  2. I like your fabric for the new puppy. I’m trying to put off buying a new mattress just a little longer. I should probably at least get a new egg carton, though!

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