2015 – Planning ahead

Yes – 2015 – I’m planning ahead. LOL  Actually it’s because  2014 has already started that I’m planning ahead.  Last year for the Strictly for the Birds year long project and the Juststitchin project, I had mousepads, pens and a tote bag or two made up with their logos on them for giveaway drawings.  I knew what I wanted to do for the Dog Pound Pal Adoption Society members giveaways but dang, the place where I order from just would not start their half price sale and I have been waiting for it.

Since there are currently 12 DPPAS dog blocks — I had decided they were perfect for a calendar.  And I got an email that the sale was on so off to find what type of calendar I wanted to do — hence the thinking ahead to 2015.  It’s already February – who wants a calendar where two months are already completed so I made it a 2015 calendar.  I could fill in specific holidays or other dates etc.  I thought about putting on my birthday so you could all send me gifts but in the end, the only date I put on there was National Quilting day of course!  Which will be such an easy day for me to remember in 2015 since it is on my favorite sister’s birthday (okay yes she is my only sister too)   😉

Anyway I’ve been having such fun this morning putting together the calendar images and picking what style when I simply knew this calendar was mean to be!  Just look at the backgrounds — all funny dogs  – how perfect was that.  Now after I put the order in I realized one of our dog pound blocks was not included because I tweaked a block to  put the Santa hat on it for the December dog and pulled up the wrong one.  Maybe poor Huckleberry, who is the missing one, will have to appear on some other give away goodie.   Anyway – several of these calendars have been ordered for the drawings.



And of course — as I was checking out my order,  up popped another option to tempt me — little desk calendars using the same photos.  If I remember right these stand up on your desk and are spiral bound at the top.

Anyway — a few of these had to be ordered too. – You just see the outside cover and the first month on this image but each month is the same dog block as the larger calendar.

Can’t wait to see these in person.