On the Needles – Friday February 7, 2014

There’s good news and — well not bad news actually — but not necessarily good news for my “knit from the stash” tally.

Good news —

20140207_22My Golden  Shore Ledges sweater is coming along very nicely.  Back is done, front – I just did the one stitch bind off to denote the bottom of the vee neckline and am just one or two rows past that working on just one side of the vee.  I got that far on the bus on the ride home but need to map out a little line chart — you know – decreasing front shaping every # of rows and at the same time decreasing neck edge every different # of rows.  Much easier if I just make a little line chart so I don’t miss any of them.

So the sweater doesn’t look like much in those photos except a whole lot of stockinette stitching.


Far more fun (and possibly the not so good news depending on how you look at it)




Yep – not only did two more hanks of the Miss Babs Yowza I’m using for my sweater arrive this week (I just needed one, but there were only two left so got both hoping one of them if not both would be a close enough color match since I wasn’t sure they were done in the same dye batch as my first order)  Well heck those have 500 yards on them if I remember right so that’s 1,000 yards added to the stash right there (tho not staying in the stash long)

but then all this Lion Brand Cotton Ease – which was majorly on sale so it would have been wrong to pass it up when they had all the colors I need for my next sweater of the spring season variety. -)  The “stone” color (that’s what it’s called and it really does remind me of our old gravel driveway) is the main sweater color but then the other colors will be stripes on one side of the sweater and one sleeve.  I definitely overbought on this yarn — the strips won’t take much but heck you can’t buy less than a ball and the Stone I ordered a good amount of because I’m going to use CustomFit to generate a cardigan pattern for me and I had to estimate how much yarn it might take since I have to knit my swatch first to find out how much yardage I’ll need.  We’ll see in the end how well I did but as long as I don’t run short, I don’t mind the leftovers.   So I haven’t added all these additions to my Knit the Stash totals yet but will have to do that this weekend.