Dog Pound Pals Adoption Society (DPPAS)

Finally tomorrow is the day for those who signed up for this BOM project to get started.  (Okay – you can really get started tonight if you like since I just loaded up the file early – you never know how long I may stay up knitting tonight since it’s nearly 9 pm. and I just realized I haven’t had any dinner yet!!!  and not want to hop out of bed and get on the computer tomorrow  bright and early so the info pdf file is out there and ready to go.)

The blocks for February are Happy and Weaver.   Friend Janet P – my official tester and speedy stitcher extraordinare –  has already finished the February blocks except for Happy’s smile and the decorations of Weaver’s collar.   Here is her photo of Happy — who looks quite happy in his blue bandana and I had to laugh when I saw that she used blue for that since if you look at the photo of my block – well great minds think alike! LOL


and then there’s her photo of Weaver.  I love the little print she used for his main fur.

And lastly, my own version of Happy (minus his mouth which I’ll hand embroider later) on his happy plaid background.   Janet has me beat since I haven’t started on my Weaver block yet. 🙂






7 comments on “Dog Pound Pals Adoption Society (DPPAS)

  1. I don’t know how I did it. Thought I was uploading to your group but the pictures uploaded to me. I don’t even know how I created the me on Flickr. Think I’ll stick to sewing.
    Madeline Brown

  2. This was fun! Now to get to work to sew the appliques on. I will try to upload a photo.
    Thank you Denise!
    Madeline Brown/ Hampton GA.

  3. Just printing out my patterns now and heading to the sewing room to organize fabric. Have some ideas for the background, now to see if Ican find the fabric I want. Will there be a place to share photos. I’m pretty new to this website, so am not sure how to do everything here. I think this is going to be fun and I’d love to see what fabrics other people choose.

    • Karen – in order to share photos you need to join my flickr group – you’ll find the link in the sidebar. From time to time throughout this project I’ll pull photos that are loaded to the flickr group to share on my blog and of course the added benefit of sharing photos in the flickr group is from time to time giveaway drawings are done through that group. 🙂

  4. Thank you Denise, I was waiting for this post!
    It was so easy to get in with my password and download.

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