Shore Ledges progress / weight watchers progress

I got lots of knitting done while at my folks and visiting.

20140202_14The back of my sweater is now done and I got started on the front and have about 6 inches or so of that done so far so it’s moving right along.    And when you use the right measurements, it seems to be turning out pretty true to the row count versus inches measurements.

I think this afternoon will be spent just knitting now that the groceries are put away   – tho I may do some cooking or chopping/cleaning  of veggies  etc. so I have some stuff ready for lunch this coming week.

The amazing thing – tho I ate many great things while on vacation, along with many healthy things,  I got on the scale when I got back home and miraculously, after a 1 pound gain last week (which I knew would happen because of what I was eating), this week I lost  3.2 pounds — I’m closing in on the 50 pounds lost mark.  I was hoping not to have gained more than 1 or 2 and never expected to actually lose this week so I was amazed.  But some of the meals were weight watchers recipes my mom and sister made  – two of which I had seen on Weight Watchers but since they make more than one person portions, I didn’t want to make a pan of it and then find out I hated it so I hadn’t gotten around to them.  Now I know they are good so I’ll make them myself  – like a tasty Asian inspired chicken lettuce wrap and a spaghetti squash whole wheat pasta bake dish that was also very good and a broccoli/cauliflower salad with a bit of citrus in the dressing that gives it a great taste.   Course the restaurant my sister told us to go to to have the best burgers and fries in the city — that was also  delicious  and I’ll have to be going back  again there next time I got to visit!  🙂

This talk of food has made me hungry and so time to give some lunch!

Back from vacation

Well my vacation got off to a slow start — due to snow and blizzard winds mostly near my folks (tho we did get a little snow here last weekend), my Dad was going to come pick me up on Monday to go to their house for a visit and bring me back Friday.   Finally on Wednesday he was able to get here and I was going to come back on Saturday, but more snow and winds delayed that until today – but the roads were dry coming back so it wasn’t a bad trip.

We had a great visit and I finally saw their new condo and my sister and her family’s newest house just a few blocks from my parents.  And my two nephews both made a weekend trip back from their respective colleges since I was going to be there so we had dinner at my sister’s Friday night and got to visit with all of them too.  And I’m glad the weather cooperated so they can easily get back to school today and not worry about snowy roads.

Down on the river near the dams the water is open so they took me down to see the eagles.  I have seen one or two eagles before but I have never seen 50+ eagles all in one place.  It was truly amazing.  It was a very dreary overcast day the day we were there so my photos didn’t turn out great.  Most of them were sitting in the trees across the river so I couldn’t zoom in real close and the flying ones were too fast for me to get a good photo of.  But here are a couple I took.

This was the granddaddy of them all.  He was huge sitting atop part of the dam.

20140202_8 He was  spying what fish he wanted to dived after from up there and then would swoop down

The next two photos are taken of across the river where the eagles were in the trees.  The first is the photo I took and the second is a copy where I put blue dots on the ones I could tell were eagles.  There are even more there but I can’t pick them out but had the camera zoomed as much as I could.  With the binoculars you could easily see at least 50 eagles in the trees across the river and another couple dozen fishing in the open water.  Truly an amazing sight.