Percy Penguin Weather

I was looking through the photos on the Justquiltin Flickr group and when I got to friend Janet  P’s version of Percy Penguin – I realized my Percy, which is one I actually finished – was hanging in the closet!  This is perfect Percy weather so I pulled him out of the closet into the light of day.  He would love the minus 12 temps – me, not so much! 🙂

20140128_1 He needs a hanging sleeve – or he may go to the office since there’s a couple large sections of fabric covered cubicle walls that I switch the wall hangings around on to add a bit of color to our area (and I don’t have to bother with the hanging sleeve.)





7 comments on “Percy Penguin Weather

  1. Percy is so cute – I would love to have him around on just such a day, too. We’re still freezing here in my part of Colorado, too. Perfect weather for Percy, and a cup of hot soup!

  2. Another exceptional wall hanging. Percy is an appropriate name for such an expressive and well dressed penguin. He is truly handsome and debonair. Looking forward to an introduction.

  3. Percy was actually one of the first designs of yours that I saw – and made me keep coming back to see what clever new designs you came up with. Percy is just as cute as the owl.

  4. Before I retired, my office was in a cubicle. I was always bringing small wallhangings to put on the walls. Everyone started coming around just to see if I had something different. I had ice cream cones (PP), seascapes, apples, etc. These ended up being incubator quilts for preemies. Your penguin is darling and needs to see the light of day.
    Betty in Utah.

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