The center of Too Tired to Give A Hoot is nearly complete – not a bad days’ work play.  🙂  He still needs his feet so he doesn’t fall off that tree branch and I may go back later and hand embroider the upper part of his eyes – like where the pupils would be but will wait to see when I’m all done if I want to do that.  I’m also debating if I want to applique his feet or hand embroider those in too.  Will have to see what colors of pearl cotton I have that might work for his feet.  But in the meantime, I can square this up to size and then start thinking about borders.


I did make the most of one fabric – since it’s a challenge and I can’t add any more fabrics to the Short Stack and taupe I’m using.  The light blue on the lower part of the eyes is really the reverse size of the blue print that makes up his eyelids.

Day two of vacation tomorrow will be spent at home again.  The temps tomorrow – worse than today.  Wind chill here is supposed to be 30 below but the actual temperature at my folks is supposed to be 27 below so I don’t even what to think of the wind chill there.  It would just not be smart for them to be driving up here in weather like that so we’ll wait and see what Wednesday brings weatherwise.

In the meantime, I think a bit of knitting is in order.


9 comments on “Hoot

  1. Love what you did for the eyes. He’s looking good! I’m glad you’re on vacation this cold, cold day!

  2. He’s shaping up to be a little cutie. I too like to use the reverse side of the fabric sometimes.
    Stay warm. Thursday should be warming up in my area.

  3. Your owl is just adorable! The fabrics are so perfect.

    Winter weather in the upper mid-west is just so cruel. We had those temps yesterday (SD) and it’s still about -9 this morning, but supposed to be in the upper 30’s by tomorrow afternoon with cold and snow again by the weekend. Up and down!! Hope you still get some good time to spend with your family.

  4. He has such a soulful and calming appearance. Such an awesome wall hanging for our hectic lifestyles today. Thank you so much for creating and sharing him.

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