On the Needles

A bit late with my on the needles post but I was busy knitting instead.

20140125_9   The first CustomFit sweater I was working on has been put in a time out.  Not the fault of the sweater or the design — it is the fault of the measurement taker person (ME!).  Was I drunk when I took those measurements? No, but some were so off.  Things just were looking a bit off on my open cardi I ws knitting – sections turning out longer than I thought they should be in inches compared to row count.  But after I made my swatch and washed it, the yarn did condense – shrink in so I figured that’s what part of it was – pieces would shrink up when blocked.  I finished the back and moved on to one of the fronts but decided I’d go back and look at my measurements since in reading many messages on the Rav group – lots of people were getting certain measurements wrong.   There are of lots of video help, illustration help on CustomFit so you can get your measurements correct and some good tricks too but I think I was in too much of a hurry to get started and it is really hard to measure yourself – a buddy system would have been better (but why subject someone else to those scary numbers!) and I wanted to get started.  But say you are measuring from side waist to low hip – you tend to bend to look at it the tape which changes the measurements. (Measuring yourself in front of a mirror was one of their great tips I followed the second time and I could see where I would have been bending and getting incorrect #s the first time).   Plus, I skipped one part about not measuring sleeve cap area in the sleeve length so had I gotten to knitting the sleeves, I would have had monkey arms on my sweater.  I can’t believe how wrong I had those numbers.  And a common mistake people were making was where their high hip, low hip and mid hip measurements should be.  So I think I overcompensated a bit there and while I don’t mind long cardis, this was a bit longer than needed.   When I re-measured, I put on my favorite sweater which is the length I would want most of my sweaters  – to double check that the measurement I took coincided with the length of that sweater and it was spot on so I’ll be a lot happier with that. So new measurement list made which when I rechecked everything seemed to be spot on.

So anyway – after  slapping myself in the forehead for doing such a bad measuring  job the first time –  I decided to put the open cardi aside until I feel like ripping it back – I still plan to make it once I plug the new measurements in and get a revised pattern.  But a new sweater had captured my attention (which is so easy to do).   I had new measurements so next, knit the swatch in the photo above.  Soak it and let it dry.   The yarn is Miss Babs Yowza-Whatta Skein! in Old Gold .  I so love that with CustomFit I just knit a swatch with whatever yarn I want to use to get the drape (or lack of drape) I want, and then uses my personal gauge to general the pattern to fit me (if the measurements are done  right!) 🙂  I never ever was able to get the same stitch AND row gauge patterns called for in patterns and here that doesn’t matter.  So after plugging in my swatch info and choosing my correct measurement chart, moments later a pattern specifically in my size.

So I cast on Shore Ledges last night but didn’t get far before I the movie I was watching put me to sleep. 😉  But I’m on vacation all next week, visiting my folks if the snow storms expected over the weekend and frigid cold don’t spoil travel plans, so will be taking it along to work on.

20140125_11A little more progress has been made on the current pair of socks too.

So no  finished projects to report this week and no new yarn added to the stash THIS week.  Yes, that will change but the Old Gold I want to use for Shore Ledges I needed a bit more yardage than what I have.  I had just purchased that right at the end of the year when Miss Babs had a sale and I don’t know if the two hanks she had on her website are still from that dye batch or not so I ordered both (tho I only need one) in the hopes to get a good match or be able to alternate among all the skeins to make sure there’s no great shading discrepancy.


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  1. I’m going to have to look into the Custom Fit method. I’ll be starting my first cardi after I finish Swing Cowl and I’m a little nervous! Love the Old Gold color – very rich and warm 🙂 And the socks are my favorite colors – yum!

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