Dog Pound Pals – New start date for February

When I set the start date for the Dog Pound Pals project, I did not have my vacation scheduled.  I know everyone who signed up is anxious to start but for February only, we will be starting the second Saturday of February rather than the first Saturday — so not next weekend but the following one.

I’m on vacation next week and tho I originally planned to be back, due to weather issues I may not be and I don’t want to come back to 100 emails from all of you asking where the February project info is and why I haven’t added it. 🙂  Unlike my other BOM projects where I take down the prior month’s block when I add the next month’s info — all info for this project will remain linked in the password protected pages until some point after the project has been completely presented.

And this reminder (after what was my final reminder) 😉  sign ups end tonight.  You need to have emailed me privately by the end of today to start the sign up process to play along. Email address is to the right under my photo at contact me.  Type the address in, do not copy and paste it as for some reason those emails are not coming through. I may or may not respond to you with the necessary question you need to answer to prove you have purchased DPP block collection or the password until I get back from vacation – depends on how busy I am this weekend – but as long as I have your original email asking to join in my inbox today, you will be able to join.

And once again – for those who have your password and sign up is complete but have not tried signing into the password protected page – please do so BEFORE we start this project so if there is any problem, you can get it resolved.   If you are having problems getting into the password protected page, please read this blog post.  The most important tip — when you click on the link to get to the protected page at the top of the blog – the page does not really look like it changes or has done anything because the top bar looks the same, the fabric photo looks the same BUT it DOES change. 🙂  Scroll down to where I would normally have text for a blog post and you will see where to type in a password.

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