Quilting Stash Report

Well a new year – so we’ll see how I do on the Quilting Stash reports — you can see how others are doing on Judy’s blog.  This is the 3rd report of the year (I didn’t do the first two because there was nothing in nothing out nothing stitched at all.)  I actually have totally curbed my fabric purchases because I simply haven’t had time to sew.  I hope to spend more time in my sewing room this year.

I still have nothing in, nothing out, but I have been stitching this weekend on my mystery quilt so soon, yes soon, there will be fabric out.  So might as well have one report that says

  • Yardage used this week:   zero
  • Yardage purchased this week:  zero
  • Yardage used year-to-date:  zero
  • Yardage purchased year-to-date:  zero
  • Net yardage used:  zero

I plan to count my yardage once a “top” is completed.

Soon the yardage for my mystery quilt can be added – well at least the blocks are done – that’s more sewing than I’ve done in a long time. 🙂



5 comments on “Quilting Stash Report

  1. Very pretty. Your color choices worked out great. That’s always the hardest part for me, to get the colors right when I don’t know what I’m making.

    • Margaret – not a clue at this point. I never decide that until I sit down to actually do it. A lot of it depends on what I’m going to use the quilt for as to what sort of quilting I do.

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