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Attention all your Dog Pound Adoption Society Players — and as of yesterday, there are One Hundred and Three of you!!  Thank you for joining in this project.  I’m looking forward to it.

I just want to make sure that you all have tried signing in with the password to the password protected page.  Two or three people have had an issue but I think it’s because they were expecting some pop up screen and that is not what you get to sign in.

IF YOU HAVE NOT YET TRIED SIGNING IN – PLEASE DO SO.  I don’t want a flurry of panicky emails the day we start this project saying you can’t get in.  I believe the majority of you have already signed in

You can sign in using the heading in the top of the blog which looks like the screen snip below.


When you put your cursor over Dog Pound Pals Adoption Society 2014 in the top header bar, it will show an underline (which means it’s a link) and it will also open a drop down box.  That drop down box is the public page link to my sidebar that explains the project.  DO NOT CLICK ON THE DROP DOWN BOX.  You must click that top main header to get to the protected page.  (once sign ups are complete, that second page will be removed since no new sign ups will be accepted for the duration of the project.)

Once you click it – you may not notice at first glance that the page has changed. (and I think this is the problem most people were having).  It will still have the same top header, it will still have my fabric photo header — you need to  Scroll down to the actual page below – just like you would read any blog page.  There will be a space below to put in the password.    Or if you have already entered your password and are returning to that page, it will say Protected Page at the top.  It will hold your password for a while but eventually it may ask you to reenter it after a period of time so keep that password.

You can also access the password protected page if you go to the PAGE listing in the right sidebar.   Towards the bottom of the list of pages, you will see this

capture   Just like the top header, the first line link takes you to the password protected pages.  The second one “
Dog Pound Pals Adoption Society-Updated Information” is the public page explaining the project.  You want to click on the top link to get to the password protected pages.

ALSO MAKE SURE YOU ARE USING THE CORRECT PASSWORD!   The password is NOT the answer to the question I emailed you.  Once you email me the response to the question, which confirms you purchased the block collection, THEN I email you back the password which has nothing to do with your answer.

Any questions, please email me privately.

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