Switching gears – yarn :-)

20140118_4Taking a break from my mystery sewing since I clearly cut one strip a quarter inch wider than I needed and the subsequent squares are NOT square. 🙂  Must have been the last strip for that section I cut since it’s only a handful of squares not all of them that are off.

Anyway, as I was moving a box in the living room – I remembered I forgot to show you what was in it.  The Wollmeise I bought.

From left to right there are two Sultan, Aurora (I love the reds and oranges in this one – it looks a little pinking in the photo but its really red and orange), middle one is really deep purple called ein klein wenig verrucht, then fritzi frizzante, Tosca and lastly Barrista.

And since I finished my Greta vest and the Swing Cowl earlier this week – I rewarded myself Thursday night by casting on my Custom Fit sweater.  It will be interesting to see how it turns out but I’ve seen some wonderful sweaters on all types of body sizes in their Ravelry group.   I so love the fact that with Custom Fit you pick the yarn you want, the needles you want to get the yarn to drape how you want and then the pattern is generated to my gauge — I don’t need to meet a pattern gauge.

20140118_2 Working on the back first and this is how far I got last night before falling asleep watching a movie. 🙂


6 comments on “Switching gears – yarn :-)

  1. I would love to get my hands on some of this to try, but by the time I hear of it, you two have purchased it all.

    • oh so not true . 🙂 In the 4 years I’ve been shopping at TLE this is only the second time I have even SEEN any on their site. If I remember right there were 44 colors or something like that stocked, but the time I saw there was a restock, there were maybe 20 colors left and the rest had already sold out and only a very limited number of hanks in the remaining colors. The odds are slightly in someone’s favor if they regularly shop at TLE so they have achieved Loopie Groupie status which gets an advance notice of new items, follow the Ravelry group, and read Sheri’s blog. But pretty much it’s whoever has the fastest fingers an hits the checkout before someone else does that removes and swipes it from their cart.

  2. I’m glad I’m not the only one who makes cutting mistakes. Just made 24 flying geese. Had to recut the geese. Then finished them and they were still wrong. So I cut the geese again.

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