1414 Mystery Quilt – Clues 1-8 available


Clues 1 through 8 are posted.  One final clue left – there were originally 10 clues but once you made clue 9 you would figure out clue 10 anyway so I just grouped them.  Clue 9 includes the final image of the quilt and border information as well.    I’m taking a lunch break — look for the final clue about 1 p.m. or so.

1414 Mystery Quilt Lane

7 comments on “1414 Mystery Quilt – Clues 1-8 available

  1. wow! i love this design. it is such an easy quilt to make, but has such a great impact visually. i can’t wait to make it. i hope to get to pull fabrics today after church and then to sew away the afternoon and evening in sheer bliss ;o) thanks for sharing this gift with us

  2. thanks so much for placing the clues to print on the same page–only issue I had was a few of the words on the right got cut off! I will be making this with Army fabric for a Quilts of Valor presentation!

    Barbara Winkler

    • If words were being cut off you need to check your printer settings — they are overriding the pdf setup. It usually means “fit to page” “page scaling” “make it fit” “rotate and center” or one of the other variations of those types of settings is turned on for your printer.

  3. I’m having a great time working on the mystery quilt. It’s my first quilt-along. I’m afraid I’ve fallen way behind, but I’m still going. I’m pretty sure I won’t finish the top today, but I’m hoping to finish it by next weekend. Thanks for giving us this!

    • There’s no race to finish it – all in good time. I’m still working on mine and some dingbat cut one strip the wrong width so I need to trim some pieces. LOL

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