Knitting Whirlwind

This annoying cold has had me doing absolutely nothing (yes you should see how messy things are here) except coming home from work, steaming in the shower, jammies, blankie, couch and then knitting until I go to bed.  Everyone at work has said the same thing that has had it – it’s been making the rounds – and first you are so stuffed you cannot breathe at all, except when you have a sneeze attack, then you are congested but feel better several days because you are so glad you can breathe, and then it all settles in the chest and you cough for a week.  I’m at the lull in between where I can breathe and not have to carry a box of tissues with me (which is good since the supply needs to be replenished and the Kleenex at work — definitely not Puffs quality as my nose will attest to.  But this too shall pass.

Anyway – that’s the round about way of saying, I’ve done a whole lot of knitting since that’s about all I did all weekend when this started and then I stayed home sick on Monday, and I’ve been doing nothing after coming home from work except find some dinner (someone seriously needs to go grocery shopping — I think tonight’s dinner will be popcorn) and knitting till bed.

So I have finishes to show!!  (and yardage knit added to the Knit from the Stash report to offset the Wollmeise which arrived this week).

First — I so love this — yes I’ve said it several times as I was working on it but then it got set aside while I finished a couple other things.

My Swing Cowl.  Finished last night, wore today, rave reviews at the office and I think the leftover yarn from my Dreambird will be used to make another.

Finished 1/15/14 - Swing Cowl

Finished 1/15/14 – Swing Cowl



I also finally finished my Greta vest which I think has been in process, to dormant for quite a while, for about a year.  I haven’t looked back to see when I started it but I bought the yarn for it November 2012.

These photos are the preblocking, pre-end burying photos.  I can’t wait to get this blocked so I can wear it.  I made it longer than the pattern called for, added some increases to make sure it was swingy around the bottom, and knit a wider garter stitch “hem” area than the pattern called for to sort of balance it off since I’m tall.

I’m going to wait to add a photo to the Knit the Stash page until after I have it blocked.  The color in the “back” photo is the true color.

So although I added 4,018 yards of Wollmeise to the stash this week, I’ve now finished projects totaling 2,265 yards — not bad for just half way through January. 🙂

I also finished one sock and last night started on the second sock.   I’m now itching to start my new sweater — I had told myself I needed to finish Greta and my Loopy Challenge project first and I have, plus the cowl so I see some casting on in my future. 😉

20140113_5 20140113_6