Just call me Rudolph….



I definitely have a red nose and am not happy about it.  Woke up yesterday morning stuffy and today – full blown cold crap that has been going through the office so I am surrounded by my pile of tissues and dang – I am out of the “soft” brand!  Oh well – this too shall pass.    I did get a bit of sewing done between nose blowing and hot coffee drinking.  But I think its time to take a swig off the Dayquil bottle, get my blankie and settle on the couch to knit – or maybe nap. 🙂

I did just finish writing up and posting for you Dog Pound Pals members, a How To Use EQ Boutique Software 101 primer so you can familiarize yourself with the software prior to our starting this project and how to print your block collection patterns.


4 comments on “Just call me Rudolph….

  1. Hope you are getting some rest. When you have time and are up to it, I have a question. Were we supposed to be able to access the EQ primer you wrote? I tried clicking on it and nothing happened and I can’t find it anywhere else on your blog. I’ve used EQ7 for some projects, but I don’t want to miss anything I might need to know. Thanks.

    • Nothing happened because all underlining is not a link. If it truly is a link when your cursor is placed over it, it will show you the link name on the lower part of your screen. Everything for DPPAS is saved to the page for members who are playing along.

  2. I’m so sorry you are feeling under the weather! I like that your sense of humor is intact, though! =) Get well soon. If you don’t have any baby oil for your nose, try a small drop of olive oil. I know it sounds odd, but it does wonders for my winter hands, so maybe it will help your nose, since you are out of the soft tissues!

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