DPPAS update and other ramblings

On January 4 I posted the list of people playing along  on this new project.  I think there were 45 or 46.  That was then —  or more specifically, that was before the EQ monthly newsletter came out which talked about this project.  Since the newsletter came out,  I think that number has nearly doubled!  Unbelievable – well not really because that EQ newsletter reaches a lot of people and it’s brought in quilters from all over for some of my past projects designed in EQ.  But I have been seriously busy last night and today sending out questions and passwords.

I did manage to get some sewing done on my mystery quilt.  I also decided that I truly hate my iron.  Last time I had to replace it, I bought a different model than I usually buy.  I like steam, lots of steam, this one will steam a lot on occasion but when I hit the burst of steam type button, I want to hear that whoosh of steam! 🙂 It’s not real dependable and the button is way too hard to push.   Plus I don’t think it holds the heat properly – I may have ended up with a defective one.  I’m definitely adding a new iron to my future shopping list and this one will be relegated to the bench (or shelf) to pinch hit only when truly needed.  Plus, I’m out of Best Press so that wasn’t helping matters either – more to add to the shopping list.  I do like the fabrics I ended up with tho – they are looking good together and it’s good to get some sewing time.

I even decided to wander outside this afternoon — only as far as the dumpsters and the mail boxes — but it warmed up enough that the inch of ice had melted on my sidewalks and the parking lot was slushing up so it wasn’t so treacherous to walk across.  A bit of fresh air that didn’t just suck the life out of your lungs because it was so cold was rather nice.   I may actually make it to the grocery store tomorrow since it’s supposed to be upper 20s to 30 — only a 50 degree difference or more over the beginning of this week.

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  1. I had a long llne of short lived irons from various store like walmart,home depot, sears etc. Then I bough a very expensive rowenta iron from a quilt store that lasted for 8 years. I cried when it died. It did not have auto shut off and I loved it. Through my tears one day I saw that QVC or HSN had a DiLongi iron. It had many many many bells and whistles, among them, an auto shut off. But I got it anyway. It is ergonomically balanced so the weight feels like nothing in my hands. It does turn off but it comes back to heat very quickly. It has a lot of steam, it heats HOT, and has a plate that nothing sticks to Not even the fusibles! Love it.

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