On the Needles Friday, January 10, 2014

On the needles tonight – several projects waiting in the wings.  My Loopy Challenge project – posted photos a day or two ago so that’s off the needles.  My first finish – which you can also see if you click the “knit the stash” button (but don’t pay any attention to the fact that it shows well… just a couple of yards added to the stash.) 🙂  Yesterday posted photos of my vest and sock I’m working on…. here’s the sock a bit farther along and this one is nearly complete.

20140110_4 I need to put the needles that I was using for the Loopy project back into my Art Deco shawl so I can work some more on that but then I think I really originally stole those needles from the Swing Cowl, which I want to get back to work on too.  In my frenzy of trying to hoard some Wollmeise before it sold out yesterday, I simply didn’t have time to order more needles in that size.  Must do that soon.

A long bus ride was responsible for me getting the last half inch or so done so I could then start the toe decreases, which are nearly done.   Beginning of the week – subarctic weather.  Today a bit warmer which meant fog (but very pretty frost on trees and everything else) and this afternoon about an hour or before I left work it started raining and freezing.

The sidewalks were absolutely treacherous.  All I could hear were police sirens all over – lots of accidents and pile ups due to ice covered roads.  But I made it safely to my bus and slowly, skating along to my door.  Course the rain has made it feel so damp I can’t get warm even tho I cranked the heat so need to go put on my jammies and get my quilt and go get comfy on the couch to knit.  But dang – no one has dinner ready and waiting for me so I have to go find that first.

Tonight’s knitting project – the vest – I only have maybe 4 or 5 inches of garter edging to do and it will be done.  I’d love to finish it this weekend.  I may have to have myself a  “knit in” until the week hours of the morning! 🙂

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