Where’s that wagon that ran me over????

Did you notice my tally on the Knit from the Stash button in the sidebar in the last day or two.  Already 420 yards knit — not bad for day 9 of the new year!  And the first finished project too.  Gosh how great, right?

But then it happened – a hit and run!   I was hit by a wagon – run over by it – I think I have wheel marks on my back. I think I know the culprit.   She said she had  a wagon that she fell off of – it must have been that wagon that ran over me  – probably as she (friend Judy of course) was trying to get back on her wagon.  We must have collided  just as I was trying to pick myself up from a hit and run Wollmeise alert! LOL

Well the real culprit was Sheri at The Loopy Ewe.  I was just going to innocently read Sheri’s blog, seems harmless enough, and there in front of me today were photos of – what – do a double take – Wollmeise Pure yarn.  And oh no! when I clicked on the shop page for it, here were lovely colors shining back at me — not that “temporarily out of stock” message I normally see.    I know Sheri is giggling with glee that Judy and I were shopping today (along with many other quick clicking yarnaholics)  (yes – that reference to “I made it to day 9” in Judy’s blog was from my  email to Judy. 🙂  – yep you probably knew that.  But Wollmeise — well it’s Wollmeise, what more can I say.

One of  things I love about Wollmeise yarn is the yardage — lots of yards per hank so a project that you’d have to buy two hanks for (and probably have leftovers – and you know I don’t do anything with those leftovers – hence my recent donation to a new quilter of a whole bag full sock yarn leftovers) but one hank of the Wollmeise allows you to make larger projects without worrying about color differences, having to alternate rows, etc. like when using two hanks.

The bad thing about Wollmeise yarn — if you happen to be having a Knit From The Stash Challenge — it’s all that extra yardage on a Wollmeise hank!  🙂 My 420 yards knit and zero yards added to the stash….well…why wait, I know how many yards need to be added that are coming in that Box of Fun so I might as well just add it in now.    Drum roll please…… new totals… still only 420 yards knit but Yards added, 4,018.    Hmmm maybe I should count it in meters, that’s just a mere 3,668 meters.  That sounds much better doesn’t it??  Oh well – I have plans for it and I’m so happy I was able to snag some so I’ll refrain from shaking my fist in the air and yelling  “Curse you Loopy Ewe!”  😉

Besides – they do have the freshest Tootsie Rolls ever in those Boxes of Fun and yes – before eating the last ones I checked and I’m willing to use those few Weight Watchers points for the only candy I really like that isn’t regular chocolate.   Tho sometimes I do have to put them in my pocket to soften up if they got too cold during shipping.   Yes – I’m not really in it for the yarn, I just want the Tootsie Rolls!   Now you know.

How fast can I knit to try to offset some of that before the box arrives Monday? Certainly not fast enough.  But… there has been progress.

20140109_3 Tho here it looks like a burlap bag of sorts laying on the couch  – my Greta Vest is nearly at the point where I can start the garter border on the bottom.  I need to wind some more yarn but soon I can count this project as done.

And my “bus knitting” sock – good progress — except for Monday when it was 25 below with 40-60 below wind chill — the bus never got warm enough to take my mittens off so no knitting that day.

but I’m on the straight-away nearing the toe.

And remember that storage bin I emptied when I donated all the sock yarn leftovers — I know what will be going in it to fill it up.  I knew I emptied that to put new yarn in – just didn’t realize I’d be filling it up so soon.




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  1. Hi I too am a knitter/crocheter/quilter/whatever-er I jut found your blog and can SO relate I havent seen my dining room since last spring. I know it is supposed to be there but… I found the perfect stashbuster project this past fall. I knit every child in our towns HeadStart a hat and mitten set. because they are so small it is an eay take along project and the 2 at a time concept so works for me. I got rid of a lot of washable leftoers. The kids agyre warm and I can justify buying more yarn as next year there is a whole bunch of new kids

  2. LOL. I fell off the wagon but after hearing you and Judy talk I think I may have just slipped over the side a bit with out actually falling off. I love your alls banter.

  3. Sorry to be off topic for this post, but I just went back and read about your squirrels. Can you tell me what type of feeder you have that is squirrel proof? I have the War of the Squirrels and have yet to find one that actually is squirrel proof for more than a couple of months.

    I feed them from a separate feeder so they DO have food, but I want the birds on the bird feeder!

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