Knitting Finish 1 of 2014

20140108_11  My first finish of 2014 is my Loopy’s Challenge – Mixin it Up.  The challenge – at least 300 years in a project and there were several options – mixing yarn, mixing two different patterns, or mixing materials – I chose the mixing materials and mixed beads and yarn.

So Racing Raindrops is finished – completed the knitting last night and a quick steam block tonight.   I definitely would have liked this longer but this is the second scarf I’ve made from this designer that is much shorter than their photos look – go figure. 🙂  It’s pretty and will be a nice little piece to add a bit of color.  If you’ve never tried beading (as I hadn’t) this would be a great project to try with.



7 comments on “Knitting Finish 1 of 2014

  1. Is this the longer version of the pattern? If it is, how would you make it longer? I, too, like longer scarfs. Since I found your post, I ordered and started to make this. I only have about 30 beads on, so I’m a quarter of the way done. Thoughts? Thanks!!! Janel

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