A bit of yarn destashing

Gosh it’s 3:30 and I’ve totally frittered away most of the day and accomplished – well I did accomplish  things on some quilt patterns I was writing up but it doesn’t seem like I’ve done much.  I decided to head into the sewing room to try to find the tape dispenser, which was not visible at a glance but perhaps that was because of the clutter.  So decided just maybe I’d clear away some of the mess in there – yarn containers pulled out of the closet on table and floor and chair.  It’s mostly “bigger” stuff like that sitting around so “shouldn’t” take long to clear it up so I can see the table again.

I did get sidetracked tho – I was going to stick a smaller yarn container in the closet and realized it was full of left over sock yarn from completed socks or other fingering weight projects.  I had told a co-worker, whose daughter is a new knitter and has been knitting up a storm on her college winter break, that I’d bring in a bunch of leftovers for her to use.

20140105_6 So dumped them all into a bag so I can take them to work tomorrow.  One container of leftovers is now empty (room for new yarn???) 😉 too bad it doesn’t count on my Knit from the Stash tally. LOL


Then back into the closet because I knew there were some heavier weight yarns I could give her as well.


So I gathered these – there’s worsted weight and some bulky weight and most have at least two balls or hanks left, some several — along with a couple sets of needles I got free over the years and never use.

I think she’ll have great fun and now there’s a bit more room in the closet.  When she works her way through that, there’s plenty more. 😉



9 comments on “A bit of yarn destashing

  1. Someone is going to be so thrilled to receive all those goodies! Nice of you to do that, and as you say, makes room for more!

  2. Lucky girl! Tried to get my girl to pick knitting up again (she knitted some scarves in grade school), but she’s not very interested. In college bunches of us worked on our knitting.

  3. You will make the new knitter’s day with the yarn. Good for you…making room and making someone happy. we’re getting a lot of snow and terribly cold (-17degrees with wind chill at -47degrees) weather. Time to stay in and knit. Don’t get too cold tomorrow.

      • Denise, maybe it’s one of those “two negatives equal a positive” thing. My grandmother also used to say it couldn’t rain or snow when the moon was shaped like a bowl. And, last night I noticed we are at that stage. Hmmmm. In any case, stay warm!

  4. Oh MY. What a lucky girl. If you used some of those beautiful “leftovers” for contest giveaways, it would probably cause an avalanche of contestants. I especially love those purple ones. Those would make a great hat and mittens,to go with a winter coat (which is dark purple, of course) 🙂

    We are getting 10-12 inches of snow today, windchills predicted to be -26 tomorrow; so I’ve got to get busy and finish my 3S shawl so I can start on a hat and maybe a pair of mittens. I need to buy more needles too so I can have more than 1 item going at once, huh? lol

    Stay warm and be careful if you have to get out in this weather.

    • While that may be true it doesn’t make sense to box them up and pay postage to ship them somewhere when I can hand them off there to someone I know will love them. At least I’m glad we aren’t getting any snow like you are! LOL Temp tomorrow when I’m supposed to be standing at the bus stop – minus 24 degrees and wind chills will be between 45 and 60 below. I am sooo not looking forward to that!

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