So that’s what that looks like!

20140105_7  Yes those sewing room closet doors do close and there does not need to be a bunch of yarn tubs or tubs of quilt tops sitting in front of them!  Who’d a thunk!    I have reclaimed most of the sewing room.   There does seem to be an empty spot in that closet tho where something should go so I have to figure out what I put somewhere else. LOL  I know that closet is normally packed.  I think I moved a container or two of quilting stuff to the coat closet after the flood in this closet so have to go see if I still have anything stored in there.


But the table is back to being able to be used as a table too.

20140105_1Well yes there’s still stuff on it but the left half is stuff to make  Loopy Challenge project an the quilt on the right is my nephew’s which is still waiting to be quilted.  At least there’s now room to do it – I think that’s on my agenda for next weekend.

I decided to stop for a coffee break and realized it’s dinner time instead!  But I’ll have some coffee first since it won’t take long to heat up dinner – pork chop, mashed potatoes and sauerkraut. Yum.  I have never been a fan of mashed potatoes but Bob Evans single serve “original” mashed potatoes — those are the best potatoes I’ve ever had! Yum.

Oh and as I was putting some fabric away, I pulled out a few to consider for a project.

I had been thinking about using these bright colored snowmen for the mystery quilt.  I may still use that pattern but make it smaller.  A good friend/coworker had a little boy last month, who came to the office to visit on Friday, and I think he may need a bright winter quilt.    I’ll have to see what I can find for a background.

And I have my plan for tomorrow to see just how many layers of clothes I can put on and still be able to walk (yes, visions of kids in snowsuits with arms sticking straight out are going through my head).   LOL

20140105_4Temperature when I head to the bus tomorrow is supposed to be 22 or 24 below – doesn’t really matter which LOL and wind chill minimum of 41 below they are saying now but up to 60 below.  I just found the tights to put under my jeans (we don’t normally get to wear jeans to work (actually two days a month we do) 🙂 but I’m not bothering to even take dress pants to change – it would take hours for them to warm up enough after being outside for me to put on!)  🙂  Besides with all the schools closed, I’m betting the office will be missing quite a few parents who stayed home with their kids, and I think it’s going to be a very quiet day at the office.  My big, wide, long, thick  shawl that I use at home when I’m watching tv – simply doesn’t matter that it won’t go well with coat – it will wrap around my head and shoulders and be toasty.


Time to go start that dinner!


A bit of yarn destashing

Gosh it’s 3:30 and I’ve totally frittered away most of the day and accomplished – well I did accomplish  things on some quilt patterns I was writing up but it doesn’t seem like I’ve done much.  I decided to head into the sewing room to try to find the tape dispenser, which was not visible at a glance but perhaps that was because of the clutter.  So decided just maybe I’d clear away some of the mess in there – yarn containers pulled out of the closet on table and floor and chair.  It’s mostly “bigger” stuff like that sitting around so “shouldn’t” take long to clear it up so I can see the table again.

I did get sidetracked tho – I was going to stick a smaller yarn container in the closet and realized it was full of left over sock yarn from completed socks or other fingering weight projects.  I had told a co-worker, whose daughter is a new knitter and has been knitting up a storm on her college winter break, that I’d bring in a bunch of leftovers for her to use.

20140105_6 So dumped them all into a bag so I can take them to work tomorrow.  One container of leftovers is now empty (room for new yarn???) 😉 too bad it doesn’t count on my Knit from the Stash tally. LOL


Then back into the closet because I knew there were some heavier weight yarns I could give her as well.


So I gathered these – there’s worsted weight and some bulky weight and most have at least two balls or hanks left, some several — along with a couple sets of needles I got free over the years and never use.

I think she’ll have great fun and now there’s a bit more room in the closet.  When she works her way through that, there’s plenty more. 😉


Mystery quilt correction

I did just reload the mystery quilt cutting instructions.  The only change is at Fabric 5 — there are two places where it refers to 45″ squares.  The period on my keyboard is sticking and I didn’t notice it didn’t print.  Those should both be 4.5″ squares – that is the only change so please write it in on your copy if you already printed it.

45″ squares – that would be one really large quilt!!   Now to go vacuum the keyboard to see if that helps.

Mystery Quilt Cutting info

The mystery quilt cutting information has been added to the mystery quilt page – all info at the button in the sidebar.  Now I just need to decide what fabrics I want to use for mine.

20140106 I spent a good part of yesterday knitting on my Loopy Challenge project. I’m probably about half way in length done with the second side.

20140107The beads in the lid are the ones that I still need to add but since the rows are getting shorter you get to a bead row much faster.