Luncheon Guests

20140104_1  When I opened the door this morning there were all kinds of little paw prints in the snow outside my door.  It’s going to be horribly cold the next two days (15 below temps or somewhere around there — seriously when it gets that cold it doesn’t matter if its 15 below or 19 below — it’s just going to be a darn cold walk to the bus stop Monday.  The schools have already closed on Monday in anticipation). Anyway, I finally remembered to bring home the birdfeeder one of my bosses gave me (because a secret elf told him my other one had broken).  So I dumped the last of the seed in to keep the birds fed in the cold and refilled the other one.

This visitor, which showed up about noon, I think is trying to figure out whether or not it’s possible to take a flying leap off that fence and land on the feeder.  But, if he tries he will be  bitterly disappointed to find that the new feeder is squirrel proof. LOL  If he’s tricky he can still manage to get seed out of the old one but not the new one.

20140104_3  Here is his buddy, who is cleaning up seed that fell to the ground from the other feeder.


The birds at that feeder are very messy.


But check out the third photo


20140104_2Do you see that hole in the snow.  That is a squirrel hideyhole.  I don’t know if there’s food stashed in it or if a squirrel thought he had found something, but just before I took this photo a squirrel head popped up out of it and went running off.


They can’t be too undernourished because they were some very fat squirrels.

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  1. Sounds like its as cold by you as it is in central wi. No I really don’t want to go to work the next few mornings, schools are closing here also, Hubby will watch Green Bay packers play today from his recliner today , so that means I can spend time quilting or finishing a knit sweater for a Tilda doll in the works,just need to decide what to get started for the evening meal, maybe stuffed pork chops and a baked potato , hm that sounds good along with Brussels sprouts, now that is settled this gal has it all figured out. Stay warm,we wil try here in Greenwood Wi

  2. We have a squirrel proof feeder that hangs from an iron pole and the squirrels will hang with their back feet and lean as far over as possible to try to snag the feeder. It is hilarious watching them. Clever little problem solvers. Stay warm.

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