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bag   Just a reminder that sign ups for the Dog Pound Pal Adoption Society  project close on January 25, 2014.  All information for this BOM type project are at the button in the sidebar.  Just today I sent an private email out to about 10 people who have not completed the sign up process for various reasons – either:

(1) they just contacted me in the last day or two and haven’t had time to respond (that’s fine – I just wanted to include everyone all in one email.)

(2) they left a comment on the blog but did not follow the signup process — which requires you send me a private email at the email address listed – not just leave a comment.

(3) you emailed me, I responded with the question you must answer in order to get the password, but you have not yet replied to me with the answer to the question.

If you fall into any of these categories, you have not signed up for this project and you will not be allowed to play along with the gang unless you rectify that by January 25.  That email (and this blog post) are the only warnings you will get that you are not signed up.  If you do not have a password, you are not signed up.

I just don’t want any whining or complaining or claiming I’m being unfair by anyone who bought the pattern but then did not follow the signup process or did not do it timely.  The information on how to do this has all been out there since the project was announced so the ball is in your court to correctly complete this process or be left out.

Any for anyone who is still on the fence, plenty of time to still join in with us.

The following is a list of adoptive parents for the Dog Pound Pals who are fully signed up to play has of today.  If you believe you are fully signed up but your name does not appear on the list, please email me.  Hopefully I have not massacred anyone’s names – some I had to glean from email addresses so I may have them a bit off.

  1. Margaret Pretorius                                                             
  2. Patti Ottem                                                                           
  3. Marilyn Moore
  4. Caroline de Jong
  5. Beverley Timmons-Wilson
  6. Debbie Repass
  7. Heidi Naber
  8. Cheryl  Smith
  9. Donna Coffey
  10. Janet McNamara Houck
  11. Sandee Martindale
  12. Carol Richardson
  13. Julie Siplon
  14. Judy Higgins
  15. Geri  DeBoer
  16. Mary (merkjv)
  17. Scher Clifford                                                                                                                                                       >
  18. Ella Roof
  19. Joy Dal Santo
  20. Edie Gorzo
  21. Debra Neiman
  22. Ginny Carroll
  23. Shirley Soellner
  24. Carla Shgurue
  25. Linda Smith
  26. Carol Cooper
  27. Pauline Cabana
  28. Barbara Gardner
  29. Susan Lane
  30. Shelley Powell
  31. Debbie Smith
  32. Pauline Horsnell
  33. Sharon Amador
  34. Pamela Black
  35. Katie Young
  36. Carol Reed
  37. Lynn McIndoe
  38. L. Hanner
  39. Jan Stevenson
  40. Joyce Mitchell
  41. Diana Stewart
  42. Sue Kaiser
  43. Karen (&Merl)
  44. Deb Kuykendall
  45. Karla Schriner
  46. Rosemary Beeler
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    • That’s because that’s a blog post from January 4- I don’t back track and update old blog posts. If you received the password, then you are completely signed up – that’s all that matters.

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