On the Needles – Friday January 3, 2014

A new year – a new knitting plan:  Knit the Stash – three days into the year and not a yarn purchase has been made. LOL  Tho I do need to order some needles.

On the needles – Art Deco – which I started New Year’s Eve.  It’s coming along nicely and I’m anxious to get to the  next section because it adds in more of the green mohair.  If you made Dreambird – this one is easier tho if you drop a stitch it’s harder to rip back to a certain point and redo than Dreambird was (yes personal experience speaking here).

art decoI sort of cut the bottom out of the photo.  It’s knit in groups of three leaves so the first group is done.  I can’t wait to see how the color changing yarn plays out across the shawl.

In addition to approaching the yarn purchasing/usage differently this year – I’m also going to try approaching just how many projects I have going at any given time differently too.  We’ll see if that one really works tho.  I really really want to cast on a CustomFit sweater pattern I have at the ready but…. there are other projects that I really should finish first.

(1) Art Deco – tho I’m not in a hurry to finish it and it has to be an at home project because of the line by line stitch counts – hard to mark those rows off on the bus.  This one will probably continue to be worked around whatever other projects I might have going.

(2) My Racing Raindrops beaded scarf for the Loopy Challenge – that has a deadline of either January or February but I’d like to finish it by the end of January deadline and it’s over half done.  But I need to put Art Deco on different needles to temporarily  hold it since the needles in Art Deco I pulled from Racing Raindrops (hence the need to order more needles in that size since it’s a size I use quite frequently and none of my other sets go small enough).

(4) My  Greta vest  is only inches of simple knitting away from being done so I really want to finish that before starting the sweater.

Okay – I think I’ve talked myself down from grabbing the sweater yarn and casting it on tonight but every time I walk past my swatch of Wollmeise for that project and see the neat rows and feel the softness, I really want to start it. LOL

There’s also an active pair of socks in progress that I’m working on (my bus knitting).  I turned the heel on the first sock yesterday so am working on the gusset decreases.  The yarn for the socks is so pretty I’m really wishing I had more of it in my stash but NO!  we will not go there! 😉

I did, however, find a “box of fun” of a different type awaiting me last night  from Hoffman Fabrics – a wonderful holiday gift from the woman I work with in doing their quilt designs – she takes such great care of me!

20140103_4All kinds of precut batiks – packets of 10″ squares(Bali Crackers), packet of 5″ squares (Bali Snaps) — I can’t wait to flip through all these.  And I’m rethinking the fabrics I might want to use for the version of the mystery quilt I will be making — I may be able to use some of these for that but will have to think on it a bit.


And then there was this tin in the box — 20140103_3absolutely love the red and white quilt design on it – how perfect – and it’s filled with the hugest Lebkuchen cookies – almond topped and chocolate covered gingerbread – thick and chewy (and huge cookies!). 🙂  And that holly fabric behind the tin – that was the”wrapping paper” tied with a ribbon around the tin.  One of my favorite Hoffman holly prints with silver glitz in it.  It’s puddled around the bottom of my little Christmas tree as a skirt.

Well I think I’ll go switch the needles back to Racing Raindrops and work towards getting that one finished.