Happy New Year’s Eve

It was a slippery ride home on the bus.  It’s been showing since lunch time those small little flakes that get slippery on the road – a couple inches of them.  But I’m safely home and that’s where I plan to stay.

I did get rid of one unfinished knitty object on the bus. As I was knitting on a triangular scarf, I decided the pattern was just not what I wanted  – it was going to be too deep of a vee before the ends finally got long enough to wrap around my neck and it was way to much rib stitch – just too boring even for bus knitting.  But I really liked the yarn so I quit knitting on it and on the way home – unraveled it and rewound the ball.  That yarn will be something else.

I just finished printing the Art Deco pattern pages I needed and will be casting that on shortly after I find some dinner.

20131231_7But waiting for me at the office today – my final yarn purchases of this year.

This is Miss Babs Yowza in Old Gold – it will grow up to be a sweater some day.


And then there was my Box of Fun which contained these oh so cute stitch markers.

20131231_9  Somewhere in this house there are stitch markers hiding in great number but whenever I want some I can’t find them so I’m hoping I can keep these little cuties from disappearing.  What could be more perfect than little yarn balls for markers.

And of course there was yarn

20131231_8 Shalimar  – Breathless DK in Glacier.  The photo is a little off  – it’s more the light green color in the quilt the yarn is on – in the photo of the stitch markers than the blue it shows in my photo of the yarn.  It will grow up (I think) to be a cowl necked poncho.

Now to find a quick dinner and pick out some dvds to keep me entertained as I knit into the new year.