Meandering Monday

That’s what I’ve been doing – sort of meandering from one room to another, one task to another – not accomplishing much at all.   But then again, a day of work is meant for meandering I guess.  But I hate it when I think back over the day and haven’t accomplished what I wanted.

I was going to venture down the drive to the mailboxes but it’s minus 2, I opened the door and decided against it.  The wind chill is not nice.  So I closed the door and cranked up the heat inside a bit. LOL

I did get a load of laundry started, had a late breakfast, did a whole lot of futzing around on the computer, and played with a simple quilt design.

So I think I’ll switch laundry, and then go put the bottom of my Greta vest on several needles so it can be stretched out and tried on to measure how much longer I want it, and then I have a swatch to knit for a new project I want to start.

Maybe just maybe I’ll straighten up the bedroom and gather the rest of the yarn that needs to be put away – but that sounds like a lot of work!

Here’s the design I am playing with – a little eye candy for today.


7 comments on “Meandering Monday

  1. Hi Denise,
    I like to incorporate machine embroidery into my quilts. This would be a very nice pattern to do use.I can just make that center all one color with my design. Love it. Where do you live. It is going to be in the 20s today in Anchorage Alaska.

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