A new knitting project and some fabric

If you are a Ravelry surfer, you may have seen Amy Herzog’s Designs (which I love) and her latest creation, CustomFit.make.wear.love patterns.  I’ve been reading info on her Ravelry Group regarding CustomFit, looking at all the great garments women who are my size range have been making, and decided to give it  a try.  I’m always confused in sweater making when they give a bust measurement and say it should have so many inches of ease — added on to the bust measurement? is it included in the bust measurement? If it’s not included, many designers don’t carry extended sizes.  Just too many things to try to figure out, guess incorrectly, and then rip out a project or just not wear it because I don’t like it.  And then there’s  the expense – I am not a petite person and will never be one – just my height means I need to add to the length of sweaters, sleeves, etc. and then there’s the width …– hence a lot of lovely yarn is needed which is not cheap.  So after reading the group messages, website, etc. since it was launched I decided to take the plunge and give it a try.

So that’s what my swatch was for .

20131230_7 After it dried, I marked off an area to count rows and stitches.  That’s one of the things I like about CustomFit – I don’t have to match my gauge to anything.  I  just pulled out some needles and started swatching – I like the feel of the fabric it makes and that’s all that matters.  The pattern is created to accommodate my personal gauge with the needles I used and the yarn I want to use, my measurements, I picked the style sweater I wanted, the fit style I wanted (close fitting, average, or relaxed — I chose the relaxed), and within a minute, quite literally, a pattern was generated specific to me.  No having to mark which stitch counts or row counts to follow on a multiple size pattern.  So I’m excited to start on this project and see how it goes.  We’ll see how well I did on the measurements too or if they need some tweaking — some of those measurements  are a bit tricky to do on your own – like the back underarm — but I compared it to a favorite sweater so hopefully I did okay.

First I really want to get the Greta vest finished and then there’s Art Deco I want to start, but hopefully later this week I’ll start on this green sweater and see where it takes me.




Oh and I’m so excited — I really love the plaid that I colored in the DPPAS block on the button with and thought it would be fun to use a plaid rather than a more traditional solid or tone on tone neutral background for my quilt.  But I also knew that fabric had been in EQ’s fabric Stash for a while so probably was no longer available in quilt shops.  But with a whole lot of sleuthing, I found just enough — or at least I’m going to make it be just enough!  So I’m very excited about that.  So far there are  42 quilters signed up to play in this project.  Have you started collecting your fabrics yet?  I know I have several great fabrics to use for the dogs but I think this weekend I’ll have to go stash diving and start collecting them in one container to see if I need more and if so what colors.


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  1. I’ve looked at Amy’s custom fit patterns and it does look like it would take the guess work out of having to get the perfect fit. Will be watching to see how it works for you.

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