A few Monday accomplishments

I did finally get a few things done today.  The bedroom is mostly clean – things picked up, couple loads of laundry done, closet straightened, and knitting storage containers back under the bed.  It still needs some vacuuming, dusting and top of the dresser and night stand cleared up a bit but heck I’m on vacation can’t do too much work.  But at least I won’t trip over anything and no longer of two yarn  tubs taking up room.  And there was room in those under the bed storage tubs to add more yarn so I gathered some that I need to put away and filled them back up.

I finished knitting the swatch I need to make, it got soaked and is drying so I can go back and mark it and count stitches and rows to decide what I want to make with this yarn since I decided against the original project I was going to use it for.  It’s Wollmeise DK in Pesto. I was not overly fond of the Wollmeise sock yarn I had previous knit with but this DK feels wonderful and will make a great sweater of some kind.


I also spread the bottom of my Greta across a couple other needles so it wasn’t all bunched up – tried it on – and my guess work at adding some increases where those stitch markers are I think worked perfectly.  I was so afraid it would be too snug across my broad backside and pull the front edges back.  Then I was afraid I put the increases in the wrong place but it looks like it will hang very nicely despite my bumps and bulges.  Excellent!

And I figure I have another 6 inches or so to knit to get the length I want but I need to heck how wide the bottom band is to decide for sure.

Time to go finish fixing dinner – need to make a salad – the stuffed mushroom caps should be nearly done and are smelling great.