On the Needles – 12/27/13

20131227_4  We’ll I’m ending the year working on something I started at the very beginning of the year — here is my Greta so far.  A few inches have been added since pulling it out of hibernation on Christmas Day.  The blue marker is about where it was when I picked it back up and tried it on – that was about waist length.  That’s also where I decided  add an increase row.  It’s supposed to be drapey and I think this yarn will with the alpaca in it but I’m hoping it’s not too straight down the back because I am certainly not.  I added a row of spaced increases and then knit about 2 inches and added another.  Was it a good addition or bad – won’t be able to tell until I get to the end and see how it hangs and looks on but heck I can always rip it back out if I want.   I need to lay out all the remaining hands of yarn tho because I think I set aside a lighter one to use to do the little cap sleeves.  I didn’t even thing about alternating hanks as I was doing the yoke and then realized – oh some are a bit darker than others.  So I started alternating them – which is why the main portion shows darker and lighter bits and the top doesn’t but they are more obvious in the flash and in reality and I like them — it’s hand dyed yarn and those little color variations keep the long expanse of stockinette stitch from being so stagnant.  But can I finish this one before the end of the year – who knows I still have a lot of inches to add.  Of course the bigger needles and thicker yarn do make it go a bit faster but there are a lot of stitches on those needles.  But I would like to add it as my last finish of the year.

For those who have joined in the Sticks ‘n Strings challenge – I’ll do a blog post on New Year’s day to recap it and please leave a comment with how your progress turned out for the year.

If you wish to join in on the Knit from the Stash challenge – the more the merrier.    I did place my last yarn order just today 🙂 – one last one for a project I want to make as a gift.   My problem is what to start on first!  I’m going to have to spend some time in my Ravelry library  and try to organize them matching up yarn to project.

20131227_5 Here’s the project on my Loopy Mix ‘n Match Challenge.  I’m past the half way mark – just barely that pink marker in the lower left is the middle.  It’s very stretchy and will really drape nicely I think.  So 60 beads placed on that first side, another 58 to go.

The Dreambird, which I wore to work today, got rave reviews from the ladies and even a couple of the gents whose wives knit stopped me to check it out. 🙂

Time to find some dinner and then get back to that vest.  But heck – no bosses in the office the beginning of next week so I granted myself a 3 day weekend and took Monday off.  More time to play.