Dreambird off the blocking board

Here it is – ready to wear.  I need to go buy a dark blue or darker gray sweater  (or maybe dig in the closet to see what else is there because I think there is one these colors would look better against) 🙂  But this one was easy to grab.  I think I’ll be wearing it to work tomorrow to dress up my “jeans day” attire.  Ah – I just remembered a dark brown sweater that might just be perfect under it!   So in the Sticks ‘n String challenge — this is “new” as in started and finished this year — new finish #31!  And I’m now at 20,100 yards knit so far this year (knit as in finished projects — I don’t count the yardage until it’s a done project.    So 31 “new” projects finished and 15 UFO projects completed and out of my knitting boxes, baskets, bins — you get the idea (now I can store yarn in those boxes baskets and bins right?)

New #31-Dreambird

New #31-Dreambird


22 comments on “Dreambird off the blocking board

  1. Good grief! You have been a knitting machine. That’s a lot of yards and a lot of projects. Congratulations! I was going to offer up a challenge to see who could knit the most yards in 2014 but I think I’ll just go back to my corner and keep my mouth shut!

  2. Love it! I make sooooo many baby hats to donate to local hospital that I never get anything done for myself…think I need something like this last scarf!

  3. I can’t knit due to a problem with my hands — use a sewing machine and quilt instead.
    However, I can appreciate the wonderful knitting that you do and the results are beautiful.
    Just love this latest.

  4. Wow, Denise, That is one beautiful shawl. It will look gorgeous with your coloring. The other photos of it in process, just laying on the table, etc., just don’t do it justice. I have the pattern saved at Ravelry, will have to get serious about it. But need to get all the yarns for it.

  5. Denise, it is absolutely beautiful. I followed your journey as you knit it and was envious of your abilities. It will look lovely on you. It is something I would wear. Alas, my knitting skills are limited to dishcloths. lol

  6. That is just gorgeous. I may have to consider making one.
    Oh and you still have 5 days of this year left. – there must be
    a small project in one of those baskets = just kidding – you have
    done a remarkable job this year.

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