Dreambird Update

It’s finally done!!! I did finish at least one more UFO before the end of the year – or kept it from turning into a UFO.  I just had a few stitches to bind off on the rolled neck edging I added to part of it and it’s just been sitting waiting for me to finish it.

So I did that, gave it a dunk in some Eucalan and it’s now pinned out blocking.

20131225_8It has 24 feathers total.  I’m really pleased with how it turned out.  The only think I would change if I did it again is the gray yarn I used – it’s not a “fuzzy” enough yarn – more linen-type feeling to me and it does not hide or blend in the double stitches as well as I would like (and of course some of that I’m sure is from me goofing one up here or there).  But that was just poor yarn choice on my part.

I can’t wait to wear it.

I have several balls of the Mini Mochi left over (I knew I ordered more than I needed but it was a good sale) so I think maybe another swing cowl after I finish the one I’m working or maybe another stranded cowl.

I also pulled out my Greta which I haven’t worked on in ages.  In looking back on the blog, I started it nearly a year ago  (first week  of January was when I switched from a different yarn to the one I’m now using).  It would be nice if I could finish it up before the end of the year but I’m running out of time. LOL  I spread the body of it out across several double pointed needles so I could try it on and see where I’m at.  I think it’s going to fit fine, I’ve got it done to about my waist, but I think I’m going to increase a few stitches across to make it a bit more swingy on the bottom where I flare out. 🙂   There’s just a tiny cap line sleeve that I have to go back and add on but the body is just straight knitting until you get to the hem area and then just simple garter.  If I knit like the wind it’s possible I could make it ….maybe… we’ll see.

Yummm I smell Cornish hen – it must nearly be done….



11 comments on “Dreambird Update

  1. This turned out really beautiful. When you first started it, I wasn’t that enamored with it. But now that it is finished, I really, really like it. You are sure to get lots of lovely comments on it when you wear it. Just don’t forget and leave it someplace as you are highly unlikely to get it back. LOL

  2. Denise, it’s simply gorgeous! Be careful on the bus…this isn’t one you want to catch in the doors and ruin! Hugs and grins!

  3. dreambird has to be one of the prettiest pieces that I have ever seen.You are so talented. It must be nice to accomplish so much all the time. You and Judy Laquerida as just awesome. Thanks for sharing your talents with us.

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