A Snowy Christmas Day

20131226 So here’s my Charlie Brown tree with all it’s ornaments on it.

Each year I usually buy a few new Christmas ornaments.  This year, I just never got around to it but there are still the after Christmas sales tho one of my favorite ornament buying locations, a garden center, no longer exists which is too bad.

But this little blue birds is one of my favorites I bought last year.

I opened up the door last night and it was snowing again — very very fine light flakes.  I hear them out shoveling bright and early this morning but it doesn’t look like we got too much overnight.

I did my swatching last night for the Vera Sanon Mystery Cardigan KAL which starts tomorrow – I’ll be working but at least I know the yarn I planned to use will work since I got gauge.

Several people had asked me about patterns that have good finishing techniques.  I didn’t really have any suggestions for them because if there’s something I don’t know, I usually just look for an online video for it.  However, I was waiting for the release of the Harvest cardigan pattern and they have links to the videos on their blog which cover all kinds of the basics from knitting and purling, to weaving ends and block, and great projects for beginners – starting with a scarf.  And their projects are sized from toddler through extended adult sizes which I really like.  I haven’t watched all their videos but you might want to check them out.


And since I was such a good girl this year, I rewarded myself with some Christmas Day yarn sale shopping and will be making Mork for myself in the hopefully not too distant future in a lovely gold color.  Checkout the project pages for that pattern — there are some lovely lovely Morks that have been made.  Every knitter must be planning their knitting projects with all the yarn Santa brought them because Ravelry is so slow for me this a.m. LOL

So I was going to get on the computer quick this am. then make breakfast and yes – the cookies have won out and I’m making a small batch of something to take into the office tomorrow.  But it’s now lunch time and I haven’t had breakfast yet!  Need to remedy that and decide what kind of cookies to make.  My Cornish hen is thawing for dinner so my afternoon can be spent knitting or sewing or both.  I have passed the half-way mark on my Loopy knitting challenge project.

Thankfully it’s warmed up a little bit here so it won’t be too horribly hold when I wander out to catch the bus to work tomorrow am — or at least I hope it won’t!  Now what kind of cookies do I want to make……


3 comments on “A Snowy Christmas Day

  1. That little bird is lovely. All your ornaments are very pretty. It looks so different from my tree with all the soft hand-made or stuffed things. Yours has a more old-world look.

    • Yes – all the ornaments (incuding all the ones that go on my big tree) are old world glass type ornamets – I just love them. A couple of them over 100 years that came from my Grandmother.

  2. Thank you, Denise, for the Harvest link. I am yet another of the aspiring knitters in your following who wants to knit the socks that you show. I have also advanced to wanting knitted leggings – especially after seeing prices in stores. Maybe this time next year I will have a new skill under my needles.

    Merry Christmas!

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