A bit of Spritz

The Spritz cookies won out but what a pain in the butt.  LOL  A little plastic piece on the cookie gun broke which made difficulties.  But I managed to get one pan full in the oven.  The baking stone is definitely the way to go with cookies – especially those really butter ones like Spritz, Mexican Wedding cakes, Melting Moments, etc.  Helps to dry them out and brown nicely when other baking pans let them get too dark on the bottom without really drying them out.

But I remembered why I hate making them.  First batch was cooling — talked to my Mom and my Sister for a little bit — went back to fill the baking stone a second time and it was too hot.  The cookies wouldn’t stick to the stone as you pulled the cookie gun away.  Well after trying two or three times to get a cookie to stick, I decided the heck with it.  I stuck the rest of the dough in the freezer.  I had a dozen or so cookies baked — enough to satisfy any cookie craving in the next week or more — so I didn’t bother to try to mess with the rest.  I think they’ll end up getting rolled into balls or cut into slices when I want to bake what’s in the freezer and not mess with the gun.

I must say they did turn out tasty .  One of the options was to add orange zest — no oranges but I did have Clementines so  zested one of those before I ate it for lunch.  So they have that light citrus flavor which is really good.

Need to go find a movie to watch — they are replaying the same Christmas specials on tv I saw last night — and decide what I want to knit on.  Wonder if I can get another UFO finished off before the end of the year. 🙂


3 comments on “A bit of Spritz

  1. Um, sounds delicious with the Cuties zest! I’m too impatient to make anything but drop cookies. =) I’m glad you had a nice Christmas Day and didn’t have to go out in the nasty weather.

  2. I’m eating some delicious buttery spritz cookies too, but they were gifted from a friend. She went to a lot of trouble to decorate them and they are so pretty, it’s a shame to eat them and nobody but me see how pretty they are. They do melt in your mouth though and before you know it, you’ve eated 6!
    Knitting on my 3S shawl today — in between snacking and tea breaks – and of course the potty after all that tea.

    Hope your day is turning out the way you wanted it to be. Merry Christmas.

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