Dreambird Update

It’s finally done!!! I did finish at least one more UFO before the end of the year – or kept it from turning into a UFO.  I just had a few stitches to bind off on the rolled neck edging I added to part of it and it’s just been sitting waiting for me to finish it.

So I did that, gave it a dunk in some Eucalan and it’s now pinned out blocking.

20131225_8It has 24 feathers total.  I’m really pleased with how it turned out.  The only think I would change if I did it again is the gray yarn I used – it’s not a “fuzzy” enough yarn – more linen-type feeling to me and it does not hide or blend in the double stitches as well as I would like (and of course some of that I’m sure is from me goofing one up here or there).  But that was just poor yarn choice on my part.

I can’t wait to wear it.

I have several balls of the Mini Mochi left over (I knew I ordered more than I needed but it was a good sale) so I think maybe another swing cowl after I finish the one I’m working or maybe another stranded cowl.

I also pulled out my Greta which I haven’t worked on in ages.  In looking back on the blog, I started it nearly a year ago  (first week  of January was when I switched from a different yarn to the one I’m now using).  It would be nice if I could finish it up before the end of the year but I’m running out of time. LOL  I spread the body of it out across several double pointed needles so I could try it on and see where I’m at.  I think it’s going to fit fine, I’ve got it done to about my waist, but I think I’m going to increase a few stitches across to make it a bit more swingy on the bottom where I flare out. 🙂   There’s just a tiny cap line sleeve that I have to go back and add on but the body is just straight knitting until you get to the hem area and then just simple garter.  If I knit like the wind it’s possible I could make it ….maybe… we’ll see.

Yummm I smell Cornish hen – it must nearly be done….


A bit of Spritz

The Spritz cookies won out but what a pain in the butt.  LOL  A little plastic piece on the cookie gun broke which made difficulties.  But I managed to get one pan full in the oven.  The baking stone is definitely the way to go with cookies – especially those really butter ones like Spritz, Mexican Wedding cakes, Melting Moments, etc.  Helps to dry them out and brown nicely when other baking pans let them get too dark on the bottom without really drying them out.

But I remembered why I hate making them.  First batch was cooling — talked to my Mom and my Sister for a little bit — went back to fill the baking stone a second time and it was too hot.  The cookies wouldn’t stick to the stone as you pulled the cookie gun away.  Well after trying two or three times to get a cookie to stick, I decided the heck with it.  I stuck the rest of the dough in the freezer.  I had a dozen or so cookies baked — enough to satisfy any cookie craving in the next week or more — so I didn’t bother to try to mess with the rest.  I think they’ll end up getting rolled into balls or cut into slices when I want to bake what’s in the freezer and not mess with the gun.

I must say they did turn out tasty .  One of the options was to add orange zest — no oranges but I did have Clementines so  zested one of those before I ate it for lunch.  So they have that light citrus flavor which is really good.

Need to go find a movie to watch — they are replaying the same Christmas specials on tv I saw last night — and decide what I want to knit on.  Wonder if I can get another UFO finished off before the end of the year. 🙂

A Snowy Christmas Day

20131226 So here’s my Charlie Brown tree with all it’s ornaments on it.

Each year I usually buy a few new Christmas ornaments.  This year, I just never got around to it but there are still the after Christmas sales tho one of my favorite ornament buying locations, a garden center, no longer exists which is too bad.

But this little blue birds is one of my favorites I bought last year.

I opened up the door last night and it was snowing again — very very fine light flakes.  I hear them out shoveling bright and early this morning but it doesn’t look like we got too much overnight.

I did my swatching last night for the Vera Sanon Mystery Cardigan KAL which starts tomorrow – I’ll be working but at least I know the yarn I planned to use will work since I got gauge.

Several people had asked me about patterns that have good finishing techniques.  I didn’t really have any suggestions for them because if there’s something I don’t know, I usually just look for an online video for it.  However, I was waiting for the release of the Harvest cardigan pattern and they have links to the videos on their blog which cover all kinds of the basics from knitting and purling, to weaving ends and block, and great projects for beginners – starting with a scarf.  And their projects are sized from toddler through extended adult sizes which I really like.  I haven’t watched all their videos but you might want to check them out.


And since I was such a good girl this year, I rewarded myself with some Christmas Day yarn sale shopping and will be making Mork for myself in the hopefully not too distant future in a lovely gold color.  Checkout the project pages for that pattern — there are some lovely lovely Morks that have been made.  Every knitter must be planning their knitting projects with all the yarn Santa brought them because Ravelry is so slow for me this a.m. LOL

So I was going to get on the computer quick this am. then make breakfast and yes – the cookies have won out and I’m making a small batch of something to take into the office tomorrow.  But it’s now lunch time and I haven’t had breakfast yet!  Need to remedy that and decide what kind of cookies to make.  My Cornish hen is thawing for dinner so my afternoon can be spent knitting or sewing or both.  I have passed the half-way mark on my Loopy knitting challenge project.

Thankfully it’s warmed up a little bit here so it won’t be too horribly hold when I wander out to catch the bus to work tomorrow am — or at least I hope it won’t!  Now what kind of cookies do I want to make……