So many decisions

20131224_1 important decisions too! Like which holiday movies to watch this morning. LOL

Do you have a favorite holiday movie?  I forgot to turn off the tv in the bedroom and as I was walking into my sewing room to get the camera heard the theme song for “Santa Claus Conquers the Martians” — okay not your usual holiday family favorite perhaps but those old movies with the not so special “special effects” always make me laugh – I love them.  But I have that one on dvd so will watch it later and turned it off.  The tv in the living room has  “Christmas Carol, The Movie” — I always find it funny when in the title they have to specific it’s “the movie.”  It’s an animated one and I’m actually much more fond of the “real people” versions of Christmas Carol and probably have 5 or 6 different versions of it among my holiday dvds (tho I do like the Jim Carey animated version).  But this version I don’t think I’ve ever seen so it wins for this morning’s viewing.

I took the morning off work (our office is open until noon) because my bosses weren’t going to be there and my normal bus doesn’t run on the holidays so I would have to putz around waiting in the cold and transferring buses — too cold for that and too much bother. LOL  Right now it’s currently minus twelve degrees.  I opened up the door to take some photos and brrrr jammies and shawl were a bit chilly to be wearing next to the open doorway.  I prefer my winter temps to be about 20-25 degrees  thank you very much Mother Nature so could you please do something about this!  Glad I don’t have to stand on the corner waiting for a bus today or tomorrow!

But isn’t it pretty outside!   We finally have sunshine which it seems like we haven’t seen in many many days.  That blue sky behind the snow-covered trees outside my door is so pretty.

20131224_2I do love my little view of the woods during the winter.  There are a few red cardinals flitting among the trees this a.m., as well as a few squirrels,  so I quickly  topped off the bird feeder to keep the birds happy in case they come to visit.


5 comments on “So many decisions

  1. My favorite version of the Christmas Carol is either Mr. Magoo’s (which I haven’t found in years!) or the one with Albert Finney, though I quite like the older one with Alistair Sim and the one with Patrick Stewart, too. But the one I like best, the one that means Christmas to me is the original B & W Miracle on 34th Street. I LOVE that movie! I hope you enjoyed your sunny day and whatever movies you watched.

    • I have (or had) all of those – Mr. Magoo’s is on the same dvd as Santa Conquers the Martians. LOL The original with Seymour Hicks (which I have the black and white version of and then someone gave me another disc remastered in hi def with black & white and also a colorized version) I like because it’s the original but there are two others I like better –the Alastair Sim versions followed closely behind by George C. Scott as Scrooge. Patrick Stewart I gave away – just couldn’t get past thinking Star Trek every time I saw him, and the Kelsey Grammer version I also didn’t care for. My least favorite holiday show – The Nutcracker in any way, shape or form so I must go flip stations to see what else is on since it just started. Christmas in Connecticut and White Christmas also favorites — I may have to go see if I can find the cord to hook the VCR to the flat screen since those two and the GC Scott version are all on vhs.

  2. Have to agree with KatieQ! Muppets are the best but loving all the Hallmark movies too. Merry Christmas Denise and looking forward to your mystery!

  3. One of my favorite Christmas movies is the Muppet’s Christmas Carol with Michael Caine. I love seeing Kermit the Frog as Bob Cratchit with Miss Piggy as his wife. Even though my children are grown, we make time to watch it as a family every year. Have a very Merry Christmas. Thank you for creating a friendly spot for quilters to visit and for sharing your creative patterns.

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