Merry Christmas Eve


Well it’s been a day of not accomplishing much — but that’s okay — an extra day off work should be for lazing about which I don’t do very often.

One issue was I must be hungry for something sweet. LOL  I decided I’d make some Mexican Wedding cake cookies and take them in to work on Thursday (my good friend’s favorite cookie) but that left me two days at home with my most favorite cookies ever.  That simply is not a good thing.  I took the butter out to soften, I put the butter back — maybe I’d just make a half batch of sugar cookies to ice — put the butter back out — I don’t really like icing cookies — put it back in fridge. LOL    I’m over the cookie thing now.  Jello and coolwhip was an excellent dessert.  But if Santa wanted to leave just one frosted sugar cookie under my tree, I wouldn’t object.  He’s just not going to find any cookies for him under my tree. LOL  or any beer.  Yes – as true Wisconsinites, at our house we occasionally left out cookies for Santa but by the time he got to our house he was tired of cocoa and cookies — so he got summer sausage, cheese and crackers and a beer. 🙂

I did get some more on my Loopy knitting project done – I think I have about six more beads to add on the scarf and I will be at the half way point  It doesn’t look very big, and it is the smaller size of the two given, but it is very stretchy.  It will be a pretty little accent scarf.  I’ve decided I’m not necessarily fond of knitting with lace yarn but it’s not bad.  For the right pattern, I’d use it again (and I know there is other lace yarn in my stash) but it wouldn’t be my “go to” yarn.  The beads are slipped over a stitch with a crochet hook before the stitch is knit — super easy to do and I can’t believe I haven’t tried using beads on anything before.

But I think I need to go wind the yarn I’m thinking about using for a mystery KAL I’m going to do that starts the 26th.  I need to actually swatch it and see how the yarn I’m thinking about will look — yes I said the dreaded “swatch” word but they actually don’t take long.   So jammies, some yarn winding and hunting up of the proper needles and I’ll be all set.


7 comments on “Merry Christmas Eve

  1. My cousin in Europe sent me a shawl knitted with lace yarn—you’ll be surprised at how warm it is! And so pretty…..

  2. I didn’t know what Mexican Wedding cookies are,but after looking at the recipe I see they are what we call Butter Balls here in NY. The difference is Butter Balls uses toasted slivered almonds(tastes almost like pieces of caramel) instead of walnuts. Yummy! I understand how they quickly disappear! I’m working on my Swing Cowl and am loving it. Thank you for the inspiration. Happy and Healthy Holidays to you and yours!

    • Yes that cookie has many names — Russian Tea Cake, Italian Butter Nut, Southern Pecan Butterball, Snowdrop and several more. For me – they are only done “correctly” if they have ground pecans in them — that’s the way I grew up eating them. Last time I made them I only had almonds here but the flavor was just not right – I’m too used to the pecans.

  3. I would love some of my brother’s homemade Polish sausage right now. Yum! Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  4. I’m thinking about making star cookies – the kind with the chocolate star on the top. That’s all I remember about the recipe so I guess I’ll have to google it. But, Mexican Wedding cookies sound wonderful. Can’t wait to see your shawl with beads. I put some big beads on the top of fingerless mitts and that was really easy so then I wanted to put them on everything, but big beads don’t look good on everything. That’s the way it is if you get too excited about something, then you tend to overdo it. Like now, I’m excited about your cooking and knitting … or maybe I’m procrastinating – I should be vacuuming or dishes or cookies. Where oh where is my self discipline – lost it again. Ha Ha

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