Merry Christmas Eve


Well it’s been a day of not accomplishing much — but that’s okay — an extra day off work should be for lazing about which I don’t do very often.

One issue was I must be hungry for something sweet. LOL  I decided I’d make some Mexican Wedding cake cookies and take them in to work on Thursday (my good friend’s favorite cookie) but that left me two days at home with my most favorite cookies ever.  That simply is not a good thing.  I took the butter out to soften, I put the butter back — maybe I’d just make a half batch of sugar cookies to ice — put the butter back out — I don’t really like icing cookies — put it back in fridge. LOL    I’m over the cookie thing now.  Jello and coolwhip was an excellent dessert.  But if Santa wanted to leave just one frosted sugar cookie under my tree, I wouldn’t object.  He’s just not going to find any cookies for him under my tree. LOL  or any beer.  Yes – as true Wisconsinites, at our house we occasionally left out cookies for Santa but by the time he got to our house he was tired of cocoa and cookies — so he got summer sausage, cheese and crackers and a beer. 🙂

I did get some more on my Loopy knitting project done – I think I have about six more beads to add on the scarf and I will be at the half way point  It doesn’t look very big, and it is the smaller size of the two given, but it is very stretchy.  It will be a pretty little accent scarf.  I’ve decided I’m not necessarily fond of knitting with lace yarn but it’s not bad.  For the right pattern, I’d use it again (and I know there is other lace yarn in my stash) but it wouldn’t be my “go to” yarn.  The beads are slipped over a stitch with a crochet hook before the stitch is knit — super easy to do and I can’t believe I haven’t tried using beads on anything before.

But I think I need to go wind the yarn I’m thinking about using for a mystery KAL I’m going to do that starts the 26th.  I need to actually swatch it and see how the yarn I’m thinking about will look — yes I said the dreaded “swatch” word but they actually don’t take long.   So jammies, some yarn winding and hunting up of the proper needles and I’ll be all set.


HALT THE PRESSES — there’s a conflict with the January 4, 2014 date for the mystery so henceforth this will be known as the ‘JUST DOWN THE ROAD FROM 1414 MYSTERY QUILT LANE’ mystery.  A new date on which it will be held will be announced shortly………

A Loopy Fabric Challenge

20131230  My fabrics arrived yesterday for Loopy’s Challenge – The Fabric Version.    Not to late to join in and you can still get the discount for another couple of days.

The Short Stack (fat quarter pack) is Moda Sweet Serenade and then you had to add another fabric from a different company than the Short Stack so I picked the solid on the far left – Birch Mod Basics – in Dark Shroom.  I just might start on this today.  Wallhanging, bag, table runner — more decisions to be made.

A bit of brunch is in order first – as I plan my attack on this fabric, decide what I want to make for my Christmas dinner and take it out of the freezer — Cornish hen, pork loin roast — two favorites so  a tough decision.


So many decisions

20131224_1 important decisions too! Like which holiday movies to watch this morning. LOL

Do you have a favorite holiday movie?  I forgot to turn off the tv in the bedroom and as I was walking into my sewing room to get the camera heard the theme song for “Santa Claus Conquers the Martians” — okay not your usual holiday family favorite perhaps but those old movies with the not so special “special effects” always make me laugh – I love them.  But I have that one on dvd so will watch it later and turned it off.  The tv in the living room has  “Christmas Carol, The Movie” — I always find it funny when in the title they have to specific it’s “the movie.”  It’s an animated one and I’m actually much more fond of the “real people” versions of Christmas Carol and probably have 5 or 6 different versions of it among my holiday dvds (tho I do like the Jim Carey animated version).  But this version I don’t think I’ve ever seen so it wins for this morning’s viewing.

I took the morning off work (our office is open until noon) because my bosses weren’t going to be there and my normal bus doesn’t run on the holidays so I would have to putz around waiting in the cold and transferring buses — too cold for that and too much bother. LOL  Right now it’s currently minus twelve degrees.  I opened up the door to take some photos and brrrr jammies and shawl were a bit chilly to be wearing next to the open doorway.  I prefer my winter temps to be about 20-25 degrees  thank you very much Mother Nature so could you please do something about this!  Glad I don’t have to stand on the corner waiting for a bus today or tomorrow!

But isn’t it pretty outside!   We finally have sunshine which it seems like we haven’t seen in many many days.  That blue sky behind the snow-covered trees outside my door is so pretty.

20131224_2I do love my little view of the woods during the winter.  There are a few red cardinals flitting among the trees this a.m., as well as a few squirrels,  so I quickly  topped off the bird feeder to keep the birds happy in case they come to visit.