Blue Christmas

20131223_3 Yes it will be a blue Christmas outside my door- the blue icicles (tho blurry in the photo since the wind was making them swing) are shining brightly.  And if you could have seen my fingers while taking the photo, they were probably blue too!  It’s currently one degree outside. Brrrr.


I was going to make a little coffee cake tomorrow for my Christmas morning breakfast but darn – no milk – so scratch the plan and I’ll see what else I can come up with because I’m not venturing out in the cold tomorrow.

My Loopy Challenge knit is coming along nicely tho this photo doesn’t really show the beads along the edge. It’s growing anyway.

And my fabrics for the Loopy Fabric Challenge arrived today so I may do a bit of sewing tomorrow.






7 comments on “Blue Christmas

  1. I agree with you. Cold is cold. When we were young there was no such thing as wind chill factor. We just said is – whatever and it is windy. Don’t know why we need wind chill now

  2. I wish it was only that cold here. We have had a month of -35 to -40 and colder with the wind chill factor for the last month. Very untypical for this time of year. That is normally Jan and Feb temps. Hope we are not going to get 2 more months of this
    Flin Flon,Mb. canada

  3. Looks marvelous. I am actually doing the same pattern. I am not as far along as you and my beads don’t show up as well but I know they are there. Have to wait until after Christmas to start working on my fabric challenge. Can’t wait to see what yours is. I am heading towards a Dresden Plate type quilt. Stay warm.

  4. Love the blue on your place. If you have cashews or almonds, make milk from them and you can make your recipe for breakfast

    Have a very Merry Christmas

    • Yes I could IF I had a blender. LOL But I wouldn’t anyway — I don’t really need the coffee cake and it would seem like a good waste of nuts to me since I prefer them just as nuts to eat.

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