1414 Mystery Quilt Lane – yardage

If you plan on doing the 1414 Mystery Quilt Lane project, I just added the link for the yardage requirements so you can plan a shopping spree or do a bit of stash diving.  I’m still undecided as to what I’ll use but I’ll be doing some stash diving myself.   Just click the sidebar button to get all info on this project.

20131222_6The snow seems to have stopped and it would be nice if these is all we get but I think here’s supposed to be more moving through.  But they’ve just finished shoveling me out again.  It actually is quite pretty and warmer than it has been outside — I think it’s good snowman making weather! Hmmm…I need some kids to come make me some – I have plenty of scarfs and hats and mittens to decorate them. LOL



I’ve spent most of the morning working on mystery quilt stuff so I think my afternoon reward is holiday dvds and knitting – tho I may make a start on cleaning the bedroom which needs an overhaul till the movie I’m watching on a local station is done — Hans Christian Anderson  – a favorite from when I was little.  And I found the box of mini ornaments so I can finish decorating the little tree.


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