1414 Mystery Quilt Lane – yardage

If you plan on doing the 1414 Mystery Quilt Lane project, I just added the link for the yardage requirements so you can plan a shopping spree or do a bit of stash diving.  I’m still undecided as to what I’ll use but I’ll be doing some stash diving myself.   Just click the sidebar button to get all info on this project.

20131222_6The snow seems to have stopped and it would be nice if these is all we get but I think here’s supposed to be more moving through.  But they’ve just finished shoveling me out again.  It actually is quite pretty and warmer than it has been outside — I think it’s good snowman making weather! Hmmm…I need some kids to come make me some – I have plenty of scarfs and hats and mittens to decorate them. LOL



I’ve spent most of the morning working on mystery quilt stuff so I think my afternoon reward is holiday dvds and knitting – tho I may make a start on cleaning the bedroom which needs an overhaul till the movie I’m watching on a local station is done — Hans Christian Anderson  – a favorite from when I was little.  And I found the box of mini ornaments so I can finish decorating the little tree.

During shot

20131222_1 Yesterday I had the “before” photo – before the snowstorm started.   This is the “during” photo taken about 8:30 this a.m.   When I looked out at 4:30 a.m., it hadn’t started snowing yet.  The snow is falling at a good steady pace but it is tiny tiny flakes – the kind that will really blow and drift when the wind picks up – which its supposed to do later.  I woke up about 5:30 hearing the snowplow guys clearing our sidewalk and shoveling by my door.  (and contemplated going and asking them — do you realize when you are yelling OVER the sound of the snowblowers to each other right outside my bedroom window that I might be trying to sleep!!??) LOL    It looks pretty back by me but I think these little flakes must be really slippery out on the streets because there’s a long line of churches in neighboring towns and cities  who have cancelled their services this a.m. going across the bottom of my tv screen.  And apparently the swatch of heavy snow hasn’t gotten here  yet but will be moving in later today – up to an inch an hour – but it looks like the heaviest band of snow might miss us so we hopefully will only get 5-8″.

20131222_2I filled the bird feeder yesterday so you can see there were many birds out there last night or early this morning as several inches of seed are gone.  My other bird feeder had broken and one of Santa’s elves (my good friend and coworker who one of my bosses always consults to see what I might want, need, or recently broke and need replaced for Christmas) told Santa Guy and he got me a great new feeder – tho it’s not doing the birds any good under my desk at work! I forgot to bring it home on Friday.

So I’ll just be spending today inside looking out at the winter wonderland and waiting until tomorrow to venture out into it.

I did pull the little tree out, found the garland and there’s little crystal  icicles and then those old-fashioned twisted painted metal icicles.  Now I just need to unwrap the mini ornaments to put on it but I got sidetracked yesterday writing up a quilt pattern.

And I remembered my snowman cookie jar that was stored away so pulled him out to wash him up cause he’s just cute (ignore those dishes in the dish drainer behind the tree — you do not see them!)