Before shot

20131221_2Here is the “before” photo.  BEFORE the snow that is supposed to arrive tonight and tomorrow – how much snow – well that’s debatable because it’s anywhere from 4 to 10 inches but they are guessing around 6-7 inches in the area where I am.

Time will tell.

In the meantime, I need to get dressed, take out the garbage and recycling to the dumpsters which I can still easily get to them and go collect the mail.

It appears it’s going to stay a dark and gray day — the photo was taken about 7 a.m. today but now that “sunrise” has occurred, it still pretty much looks the same — no sunshine here today.

I think today is cleaning day (or at least that’s the plan but you know how easily I get distracted and move on to something else) LOL  Living room, kitchen and bathroom are on my list.  Then maybe I will actually get out the little Christmas tree and decorate it since I haven’t done that yet.


8 comments on “Before shot

  1. It all depends on how much snow and what the temps are. Huge falling snowflakes on a bright moonlit night when there is no wind – the perfect night to go for a walk in all that beauty. A foot of little icy pelting snow and below zero temps — not so inviting. LOL

  2. I must be getting even older than I think. The idea of having to go outside in cold weather, of not having a choice, just makes me sleepy! LOL I hope you got your outside chores done before the snow started coming down.

  3. I haven’t decorated either, but I think it is pretty much it for the year. When Carrie was home it was different, and no grandchildren yet so no reason for that. Have a merry merry!!

    • I did pull out the tree yesterday, found the garland and icicle type ornaments – not just need to pull out the box of mini ornaments for it today and it will be done. Hope you got yours up.

  4. Be warm and safe!! I wish we were going to be getting snow instead of the severe weather with probably tornadoes this weekend. It’s supposed to be 76 here today. I didn’t even have to watch the weather to know it was going to bad because of this crazy warm weather. Feel like I’m living in Florida with this warm weather.

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