On the Needles, Friday December 20, 2013

There are things on the needles, there are things off the needles, there are things that started out on one set of needles and then got ripped back and restarted on smaller needles,  there are things that got shoved off one set of favorite needles to be held on a set of not so favorite needles so I could cast something new onto the favorite needles, and there’s yarn waiting to be put on needles! WHEW!

hat2 finitochispas First – off the needles is the Mini Roni Hat.  The flat hat photo is the true color – sort of a dark terracotta brown — it doesn’t really look striped up close like it does in the photo but it is so very soft.  Love the way the decreases come together on top.  The link takes you to my Ravelry page for this project which lists the yarn, and has more photos, etc.

It looks rather conehead shaped in the photo which makes me laugh when I look at it, but it’s  just the way it looks flat – it actually looks great on a real live head. LOL

Last night I cast on my project Dancing Raindrops Scarf for the Loopy Challenge.  I haven’t really knit much with lace yarn and I knit loosely, so after the first attempt — only a few rows, I knew I needed to go down in needle size.  I really like the way it’s looking now.

It would be a great bus riding project EXCEPT for the beads.  It’s a really easy pattern but I could just see beads flying down the aisle of the bus so it will have to be a stay at home project.


However, check out the close up of those beads.  Don’t they look great with this yarn?  I’m loving it. This was the project that I had to steal the needles for.  I needed a smaller size and these have a more pointy tip so the Swing Cowl is sitting on some other needles for the time being until I get back to it.

Also, clearly I’m in a purple mood since this also arrived with my Loopy Challenge yarn —

tig-currentjaThe color is current jam and it’s for a sweater – tho I think I may have changed my mind about which sweater it will be used for.  Plus my Art Deco will be predominately purple so I think I’ve got that color covered. 🙂  

I need to remember to update my Sticks ‘n Strings project page and add the photos of the latest finished projects — only 11 days left to the end of the year — hmmmm can I finish any other UFOs before then ?   — I absolutely do not think so!!!)