Can I whine just a little??

I usually don’t whine – and I’m not really whining I suppose but seriously, this is not how your week should start out.  And if you make it to the end of this saga…you have great perseverance!

I lost one of the screws to my eyeglasses yesterday so had to stop at the eye place before work on my way in to get that fixed.  Didn’t take long and got to the office about 20 minutes late so that wasn’t bad.  I had called one of my bosses who is always in the office insanely early and asked him to let my other boss and the receptionist know.  He, the funny guy that he is, sent an email with a subject line “Denise has a screw loose”  …. well as you an imagine I found several emails of banter back and forth between them as to the fact that that was nothing new, etc.  LOL  Yes – they are quite the group but I’ll get even with them. 🙂

Anyway, the glasses were fixed.  Then about mid afternoon it started snowing and snowing – roads were really slippery and the road crews had not been out yet by the time I left work.  I checked the tracker for the bus I ride and I couldn’t find it anywhere on the map (one of those interactive ones that shows a little bus symbol and what street it’s on).  This does not bode well if I can’t even find the next one that is supposed to come, but on the updated arrive time tracker it said 5:15 (I usually catch it at 4:55)  Well that’s not too bad, I took my time going out to the bus stop since I certainly didn’t need to hurry, and stood out there for 25 minutes or so in the 14 degree temps.  It could have been worse – it wasn’t windy but by the time the bus came I was definitely ready to climb aboard.

Traffic crawled all the way home.  Normal nights I walk in the door between 5:30 and 5:40.  I got in the door at 6:50.  😦  Or should I say I opened the door at 6:50 p.m. because when I started to walk in, I thought I caught the faint whiff of gas.  Seriously???  So as I was standing at the doorway, decided that yep – it does faintly smell like gas (isn’t that just peachy), and had just made my plan to snatch the phone which I could reach from the open doorway, stand out in the cold and call the gas company  – lo and behold the Calvary (read gas man and our building maintenance dude) came around the corner of the building and were just headed to come see me.

Apparently the downstairs apartment next to me was having whatever the gas issue was but the fumes had wafted into my apartment too.  So Mr. Gas Man pulled out his little meter which clicked (and should not click) and then went and tested by the bedrooms.  He said it wasn’t bad, he flipped on my bathroom fan and said I should leave that on till I go to bed and crack a window open just so any fumes dissipate quickly and then they were off to test the upstairs apartments.

Sure I can do those things but go to bed????  Who plans to sleep when there’s been gas fumes in the apartment.  I may be awake for the next week!!! LOL  You  know I’ll never be able to open the door without stopping to sniff for gas again.

So I go to crack open the sewing room window.  Remember this is the window I tucked the drapery fabric around so nicely to keep the cold draft from the window out of my sewing room.  I reached around the  drapery to pull up the blind and pulled the blind right out of its little hanging brackets (I just set it off to the side – I’ll put it back up another day) Apparently I had the window so nicely tucked to keep the draft out that the bottom of the window had iced up and the bottom of the blind froze to it.  Lovely….. sigh.  Note to self – need to let SOME heat get to that window once it thaws out.   I think if I put the tension rod lower so it just blocks the lower part of the window – that will keep the draft away from me but still let heat get between drape and window and solve the icing up issue.  So I left the drapery fabric pulled off to the side so the window will thaw out.

Anyway – forget cracking that window since it’s frozen shut.  So cracked open the bedroom window, and for good measure since I’m now worried I may blow up at any minute, I cracked the front door open too.      Did I say it is 14 degrees outside???

So as soon as I had gone and grabbed my big shawl, grabbed a quilt, got all comfy on the couch with my cup of coffee to keep me warm — there’s another knock on the door.   Untangle myself and the Mr. Gas Man is back – could I crank up the heat so it kicks on so he can make sure my apt is venting correctly.  Yes indeedy!   He gave me the all clear, my furnace venting properly, tried his little meter again and the readings looked okay but he said just to be sure leave the fan on and window cracked till I go to bed.  Yes sir!

So now it’s 10:45 p.m. – I did just finally close the front door.  The bedroom window is still cracked and fan running.  I think the fan will probably be left on to run all night and I’m debating about the window. LOL  I never leave my windows open at night and don’t really think when the temps are in the teens or lower that is a time to start.

Oh and lastly –the final kicker — when they came back to double check I had ditched the work clothes for comfy jammie type clothes.  Tonight’s attire – snowman pj pants (yes the ones that barely reach my ankles), camp loopy tshirt, bright wooly knit socks, no bra.  I did have that shawl which is a super long wide rectangle – wrapped around me to hide as much of this stunning outfit as possible but they may need some therapy to try to forget the experience.

🙂    Tuesday has to be better, right,??…….please tell me I’m right……….