Mad as a hatter

20131215_22That’s how things are going here.

First – here’s the too small hat.  It is super stretchy and actually fits on my head but it doesn’t come down far enough to cover the ears so it goes on the donation pile and I started again last night.   It will keep someone’s head warm  – just not the person I started it for.

So last night I found another pattern I wanted to try and pulled out some different yarn.  I’ve only knit a few rows but I can tell that the stitch pattern on that hat will not make the hat very stretchy at all.  That’s not a good thing when I’m guessing on size and the yarn was sort of obscuring the pattern.

So this morning — back to square one and what I hope is my third and final attempt to get a hat I want to gift.



So the pattern I have settled on is Mini Romi Hat .  The yarn – some Malabrigo Finito which is a super soft feeling yarn – I made a cowl of it and it is so wonderful against your skin – it will make a very comfy hat I think — I hope — it dang well better! LOL

So today – hmmm I think it’s going to be a mostly lazy day.  A bit of laundry, but it’s a cold, gray, stay in your comfy chair and get that dang hat done kind of day.  And I need to figure out yardage for the mystery quit so first to start some breakfast and then get that yarn wound.

Oh- and with the finish of the last two hats which I added to my Sticks ‘n Strings page — I have now completed a total of 15 UFOs this year and then I started AND completed an additional 29 new projects!  Not bad.



6 comments on “Mad as a hatter

  1. Your knitting totals are great.. 15 UFOs and 29 start to finished .. you are being way too modest when you say “not bad”. I love seeing each of your projects, so keep it up. You are very inspiring.

  2. My Friday the 13 was yesterday (14th), everything I did was wrong. Bought “King Charles Cowl” from Ravelry and wanted to start it, not right needles and did not know what pu stitch was. Emailed designer and it is pick up stitch from pre. roll. Learn something new every day.
    Still have not ordered yarn for Art Deco. Look and look and just get more confused. New Years is just around the corner.

  3. I wish I was as disciplined as you. I think I’m doing great until I read what others have done. **sigh** We each have our own strengths, I guess.

    • Was there some race I didn’t know about that you think you’re doing great until you’ve seen what others have done?? LOL I don’t know that I’m really disciplined — I simply do what I enjoy when I can and as to what others may have done or accomplished – who cares – I certainly don’t measure whether I personally think I’ve successfully accomplished something or it was left lacking based on what someone else may have done.

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