coffee break time

and time for some of those chocolate covered shortbread cookies I bought yesterday! Yum.

I started on the new hat with the Finito and I think this will be a keeper.  But as I was sitting there knitting, trying to decide just where I would put my little Christmas tree so I’m not knocking into it (it needs to go on a table or something) and starting to doze off in my warm little cocoon on the chair, I decided I’d better get up and get some stuff done before I really did fall asleep.  Can’t be wasting time napping!

So the living room has been rearranged just a bit now- I had come up with a plan to move the treadmill to a place where it doesn’t stick out in the room quite so much, vacuumed all the salt I had dragged in off the sidewalk outside — opened the door to shake out the rug not realizing the neighbors were outside next door — yep I was a sight!  Cotton t-shirt type material pj bottoms in a lovely paid with snowmen on them – which have shrunk so they barely come to my ankles, wooly wild colored socks, Camp Loopy t-shirt, over which I have the ratty old comfy sweater not fit to wear in public, and it is debatable if I combed my hair this a.m.  ROFLOL  I forgot I had not planned to venture out for anything.  Oh well – I don’t care but I was laughing at myself when I came back in.

So a coffee break and a little Ravelry surfing.   One of these days I need to clean out my Ravelry Library.  I add patterns in there as I’m surfing that I might want to go back and look at more closely at a later time.  There are a lot of those I’ve got in there that I probably won’t make or in looking closer just am not really interested in but haven’t deleted yet.  At least I don’t buy them anymore until I’m actually ready to start on them.  But you never know when you might run across a special where a designer puts all their patterns on special or this one that I found earlier this week Winter Bloom.  I came across it as I was looking for a beaded knit for the Loopy Challenge and you can cho0se one from all of her patterns to get free but only for a limited time.   And it’s fun to click on the Projects tab for a particular pattern to see what others have made from that pattern.  I was checking out the Art Deco projects yesterday – there are some gorgeous shawls that have been made – so I’m anxious to get started on that now that I’ve finally made my yarn decisions.

Okay – enough rambling.  Coffee break over.  I need to find the skinny box that tree is in, and the box of mini ornaments and garland and then I can stick the holiday boxes back in the closet out of the way, fill that empty storage tub I found with the various little piles of yarn that haven’t found a home yet, stick a load of laundry in and stick a potatoe in the oven (steak, baked potato, salad – my favorite meal – for dinner tonight) and then my work is done for today and I can go  back to my knitting.