coffee break time

and time for some of those chocolate covered shortbread cookies I bought yesterday! Yum.

I started on the new hat with the Finito and I think this will be a keeper.  But as I was sitting there knitting, trying to decide just where I would put my little Christmas tree so I’m not knocking into it (it needs to go on a table or something) and starting to doze off in my warm little cocoon on the chair, I decided I’d better get up and get some stuff done before I really did fall asleep.  Can’t be wasting time napping!

So the living room has been rearranged just a bit now- I had come up with a plan to move the treadmill to a place where it doesn’t stick out in the room quite so much, vacuumed all the salt I had dragged in off the sidewalk outside — opened the door to shake out the rug not realizing the neighbors were outside next door — yep I was a sight!  Cotton t-shirt type material pj bottoms in a lovely paid with snowmen on them – which have shrunk so they barely come to my ankles, wooly wild colored socks, Camp Loopy t-shirt, over which I have the ratty old comfy sweater not fit to wear in public, and it is debatable if I combed my hair this a.m.  ROFLOL  I forgot I had not planned to venture out for anything.  Oh well – I don’t care but I was laughing at myself when I came back in.

So a coffee break and a little Ravelry surfing.   One of these days I need to clean out my Ravelry Library.  I add patterns in there as I’m surfing that I might want to go back and look at more closely at a later time.  There are a lot of those I’ve got in there that I probably won’t make or in looking closer just am not really interested in but haven’t deleted yet.  At least I don’t buy them anymore until I’m actually ready to start on them.  But you never know when you might run across a special where a designer puts all their patterns on special or this one that I found earlier this week Winter Bloom.  I came across it as I was looking for a beaded knit for the Loopy Challenge and you can cho0se one from all of her patterns to get free but only for a limited time.   And it’s fun to click on the Projects tab for a particular pattern to see what others have made from that pattern.  I was checking out the Art Deco projects yesterday – there are some gorgeous shawls that have been made – so I’m anxious to get started on that now that I’ve finally made my yarn decisions.

Okay – enough rambling.  Coffee break over.  I need to find the skinny box that tree is in, and the box of mini ornaments and garland and then I can stick the holiday boxes back in the closet out of the way, fill that empty storage tub I found with the various little piles of yarn that haven’t found a home yet, stick a load of laundry in and stick a potatoe in the oven (steak, baked potato, salad – my favorite meal – for dinner tonight) and then my work is done for today and I can go  back to my knitting.

Mad as a hatter

20131215_22That’s how things are going here.

First – here’s the too small hat.  It is super stretchy and actually fits on my head but it doesn’t come down far enough to cover the ears so it goes on the donation pile and I started again last night.   It will keep someone’s head warm  – just not the person I started it for.

So last night I found another pattern I wanted to try and pulled out some different yarn.  I’ve only knit a few rows but I can tell that the stitch pattern on that hat will not make the hat very stretchy at all.  That’s not a good thing when I’m guessing on size and the yarn was sort of obscuring the pattern.

So this morning — back to square one and what I hope is my third and final attempt to get a hat I want to gift.



So the pattern I have settled on is Mini Romi Hat .  The yarn – some Malabrigo Finito which is a super soft feeling yarn – I made a cowl of it and it is so wonderful against your skin – it will make a very comfy hat I think — I hope — it dang well better! LOL

So today – hmmm I think it’s going to be a mostly lazy day.  A bit of laundry, but it’s a cold, gray, stay in your comfy chair and get that dang hat done kind of day.  And I need to figure out yardage for the mystery quit so first to start some breakfast and then get that yarn wound.

Oh- and with the finish of the last two hats which I added to my Sticks ‘n Strings page — I have now completed a total of 15 UFOs this year and then I started AND completed an additional 29 new projects!  Not bad.