Hat Fiasco

The second hat is done, it will get put in the donation pile, and now I’ll be starting on a third hat to replace the second hat. LOL

I used the same pattern (needles, no of stitches, etc) as I did for the first hat but I decided to use a twisted stitch pattern.  I knew the hat was looking small width wise but that twisted stitch is really really stretchy.   But I totally forgot about the stitch pattern sort of eating up the length of the hat too.  Dang I should have knit more rows before beginning the decreases but alas, I did not!

So while it stretches around enough in the width – and actually the stitch pattern stands out really nice when it’s stretched on a head – it doesn’t come down over the ears.

Oh well – it will keep someone  else’s head warm.  In the meantime, I’ve pulled out some different yarn and a different pattern I wanted to try and am off to put my jammies on, grab my blankie and then go start yet another hat.   Now…. what yarn to use???