Art Deco Decisions Made!

Finally, after much various yarn buying and not liking the color combinations, a decision has been made.  I can’t wait to start on this project – but I’m saving it to start on New Year’s Eve.  After making Dreambird (yes I still need to do a little binding off on that one and block it before I can officially call it “done”), I think this one will be  even easier to make now that I’ve got that how double stitch thing down and swing knitting makes sense.

So  what yarn did I decided to use? These!

20131214_13My biggest problem was the main background of the shawl I wanted to use – they just weren’t looking that great to me with the multicolored I wanted.

Then I remembered some lacy yarn in the stash from long ago — that’s the purple hand dyed, which will look great with the dark purple and the multicolored.  WHEW! decision finally made and I have way more of them than I need to I can make the shawl longer.  Now I can stow all of this and the pattern in a project bag and wait for NYE to start on it.  I know a couple people plan to knit along with me — just an impromptu group all working on the same project — but I think it will be a fun project.

I was going to pull out the little Christmas tree and set it up this afternoon but time got away from me (tho I did combine some Christmas stuff which enabled me to empty a storage tub — you know that there’s yarn around here just looking to jump into that tub!)– but the kitchen is much tidier looking since I got sidetracked doing dishes, putting away groceries, cleaning out the fridge and freezer and of course looking for yarn.  The birds will be happy out in the snow (flurries most of today) since I finally remembered to get them some new birdseed at the grocery store so the feeder is filled.

When I took out the recycling, the snow had stopped and it actually felt a bit warmer out there – that’s a good thing!

So a bit of dinner needs to be found and then I think there’s that dang hat to finish.  I’m hoping to get it finished off tonight.


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