Hat Fiasco

The second hat is done, it will get put in the donation pile, and now I’ll be starting on a third hat to replace the second hat. LOL

I used the same pattern (needles, no of stitches, etc) as I did for the first hat but I decided to use a twisted stitch pattern.  I knew the hat was looking small width wise but that twisted stitch is really really stretchy.   But I totally forgot about the stitch pattern sort of eating up the length of the hat too.  Dang I should have knit more rows before beginning the decreases but alas, I did not!

So while it stretches around enough in the width – and actually the stitch pattern stands out really nice when it’s stretched on a head – it doesn’t come down over the ears.

Oh well – it will keep someone  else’s head warm.  In the meantime, I’ve pulled out some different yarn and a different pattern I wanted to try and am off to put my jammies on, grab my blankie and then go start yet another hat.   Now…. what yarn to use???


Art Deco Decisions Made!

Finally, after much various yarn buying and not liking the color combinations, a decision has been made.  I can’t wait to start on this project – but I’m saving it to start on New Year’s Eve.  After making Dreambird (yes I still need to do a little binding off on that one and block it before I can officially call it “done”), I think this one will be  even easier to make now that I’ve got that how double stitch thing down and swing knitting makes sense.

So  what yarn did I decided to use? These!

20131214_13My biggest problem was the main background of the shawl I wanted to use – they just weren’t looking that great to me with the multicolored I wanted.

Then I remembered some lacy yarn in the stash from long ago — that’s the purple hand dyed, which will look great with the dark purple and the multicolored.  WHEW! decision finally made and I have way more of them than I need to I can make the shawl longer.  Now I can stow all of this and the pattern in a project bag and wait for NYE to start on it.  I know a couple people plan to knit along with me — just an impromptu group all working on the same project — but I think it will be a fun project.

I was going to pull out the little Christmas tree and set it up this afternoon but time got away from me (tho I did combine some Christmas stuff which enabled me to empty a storage tub — you know that there’s yarn around here just looking to jump into that tub!)– but the kitchen is much tidier looking since I got sidetracked doing dishes, putting away groceries, cleaning out the fridge and freezer and of course looking for yarn.  The birds will be happy out in the snow (flurries most of today) since I finally remembered to get them some new birdseed at the grocery store so the feeder is filled.

When I took out the recycling, the snow had stopped and it actually felt a bit warmer out there – that’s a good thing!

So a bit of dinner needs to be found and then I think there’s that dang hat to finish.  I’m hoping to get it finished off tonight.

A bit of shopping

This morning it as breakfast out with a friend and then we hit a few shops.  I have one Christmas package I have to mail and I had not yet gotten the stuff for in it! LOL  But I can now say it will be in the mail on Monday. Whew!

So after breakfast we headed down the street to my favorite bakery ever – Clasen’s European Bakery. It so good that when I told my Mom I was probably going there today she was very jealous.  Such goodness and is there anything better than abakery that has open containers of their chocolate patties, holiday cookies, there’s always a coffee cake and coffee to try — you can eat your way through the shop!  🙂  I however was very good and did not taste test a thing.  I did  bring home a wonderful loaf of sourdough rye — I love there breads most of all.  And  since I knew I had to mail Mom’s hat and mittens off to her next week (not the Christmas gift I need to mail but  those mittens I  stuck  in my drawer at work and forgot to mail are doing  nothing to keep her hands warm),  I did buy her and Dad some goodies to include in the mitten shipment.  It was buy a bag of cookies get one free day and they have great cookies.

20131214_8Pfefferneuse, light and dark chocolate covered shortbread, powdered sugar moons, and the other is some kind of chocolate covered hazelnut cookie.  (the shortbread are staying here – those are my favorites).

The Cuisinart Keurig in the background behind those cookies was my lucky win at our office Holiday party earlier this week.  One year I won a big flat screen tv but I really didn’t think I needed another so the coffee maker came to live at my house and I tested it out last night and now just need to figure out what counter its going to go on.

Back to the shopping — a stop at Best Buy (that place was a zoo)but I needed more printer ink since I ran it dry a while ago and it’s hard to write quilt patterns if I can’t print stuff out.  So I’m well stocked again.

A stop at Barnes and Noble and you know that place is always so busy at the holidays.  But, they move people through their check out lines in record time.  It’s amazing how long the line was we were standing in but we weren’t there long.  Today there was a children’s choir in the store singing carols – they were very impressive.

Next stop- Stitcher’s Crossing to get some goodies for the package I need to get in the mail — she’s a quilter.  So I got what I wanted for her, and then hmmm… I just might have picked up a gift or two for….ME!  Well heck I had a gift card from their reward program that I’ve been carrying around in my purse for months!

20131214_6  I’ve had a thought on how I want to do my own version of the 1414 Mystery Quilt Lane  quilt and I think these fabrics will figure into it.  These all happen to be batiks and the brights are laying on what I picked up to probably use as a background — it’s a whitish blueish batik with irregular circles on it.

And guess what, not only does  Stitchers Crossing have fabric, it  also has ….YARN!


And I thought I’d take a quick stroll through to see what was on the shelves.

Screaming loudly that it wanted to come home with me – this Lang Mille Colori Baby because a plan was formulating in my brain for it was I was checking out all the gorgeous color combinations.  Now I just have to see if I bought enough of it for what I want — I think I have more than I need but I think these colors will be perfect for the original background yarn I bought to make Art Deco out of — but which ended up not going with the original color changing yarn I had gotten.  These balls are all the same color but of course wound from different spots in the color changes.  I definitely need to make a final decision soon since Art Deco is my New Years Eve casting on project.

I was wearing my Leftie scarf which got rave reviews from the ladies who work at the shop — they all had to come check it out and feel it. LOL  If I were on the street and someone walked up and asked “can I feel your scarf” — well I’d probably be quickly walking the other way but of course with this crowd it was a perfectly normal question. –  I took it off and passed it around. 🙂

20131214_3 Oh and those things on the rug – like to the left of the yarn – that is not diamonds tossed on my rug or even rock candy — I took the photo in front of the glass door so the natural light was coming in and hmmmm someone has been dragging in a lot of salt from the sidewalk outside.  That rug will get a good shaking out and put the salt back outside on the sidewalk.  It’s a never ending battle since my boots have such great tread on the bottom the salt gets stuck.  Trust me tho, walking across one of those salt rocks in stocking feet can be painful!

So the final stop was the grocery store and I was so glad to be there.  My cupboards were totally bare  as was the fridge which makes it a little difficult to eat healthy.  Fresh fruits, veggies, frozen meals when I want something quick, my cupboards and fridge are restocked.    One of the things I happened upon at the end of the aisle where it could just jump in to the cart was this — I love biscotti but I seldom buy it unless I happen to get to Trader Joes (and I haven’t been there in over a year) but these biscotti bites are so good.  A little peppermint, a little chocolate –with a good cup of coffee — perfection.  I think that will be my afternoon treat.    Now to go clean the kitchen and find that coffee maker a home – then on to finishing that hat I’m knitting.