On the Needles – Friday December 13, 2013

I just realized as I typed the date above it’s Friday the 13th.  So far, it has not been an  unlucky day so let’s keep it that way. LOL

What’s on the Needles — the second hat for the bosses is on the needles.  I like how this yarn is looking.


Right now this doesn’t look like a hat.  The twisted stitch pattern sucks in the shape of the hat on the needles but it is super stretchy (I think that’s why I like the Nine to Five socks I made with that stitch pattern.)

I have to measure, but I think the rows I added on the bus ride home got me to the point where I need to place some markers and start decreasing.  Not sure how the decreases on the top will look with this stitch pattern, but I’ll figure it out.

I’m anxious to get this hat finished — one, because it is a Christmas gift and two, there are so many other projects I’m wanting to be starting on right now. LOL

Then due to all the yarn shopping over the year (and hence the “Knit the Stash” project for 2014), I reached the reward level where you get to help create a Loopy Legend yarn.  You pick a inspiration photo, which gets sent to the dyers and they use it to create your yarn.  So I finally settled on a photo as inspiration for the yarn and emailed it off. Can’t wait to see what it becomes.

canard-mandarin-620x295  Isn’t that one gorgeous duck!! I’m hoping he inspires some equally gorgeous yarn.